Arkansas HVACR NewsMagazine June 2018

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Chapter Meeting Schedule

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A Message to Baby Boomers About Millennials

Feature Article

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Editorial & Opinion And the Committees Role On

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De-Licensing & De-Regulation Groups work to end many licenses Summary of Occupational De-Licensing Committees and Work Groups

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Code, Regulation, Legislation Transfer Grills Are Now Optional

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Memorandum from Health Department About Transfer Grills

Free Public Access to Arkansas Code Manuals

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It’s A Done Deal

Little Rock Requires Duct Blaster Tests on New Construction State, national, chapter news ENCAPSULATED ATTICS – Keeping Your Tail Out of a Crack

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Ferguson & Geothermal – Up to 29.5 SEER Payroll – A Small Business Headache

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Give a Podcast a Try (Parish Hurley with Ed’s Supply)

Lennox Expands Big Time

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Tech News What’s So Wrong With “Beer Can Cold”? Bryan Orr with HVAC School for Techs

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Rebate Programs & Incentives

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Education News

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Training Programs ASU Mountain Rolls Out Apprenticeship Fall 2018

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Premier Dealer Program

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Recipes, Eateries, Huntin’, Fishin’ & Fun Nana’s Carmel Brownies

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