Arkansas HVACR NewsMagazine June 2018

News Magazine June 2018

only 6 questions. Please forward that email to your customers. We have hundreds of thousands of customers. Surely we can get 10,000 to respond. The questionnaire is totally anonymous in that there is no way to trace the results back to them. The results will be sent to the State Association office to be complied. We’ll give the results to the Red Tape Work Group. I believe that your customers want licensing, continuing education, and insurance. Further, I think that your customers believe that it is required by the state. This is the response I always get from customers. “Why, you mean it’s not required?” (Well the license is required for now but continuing education and insurance are not.) The key to make this happen is for you to forward the survey to your customers. I promise—no one can trace the survey. No one can steal your customers. But I can tell you who can steal your business and your customers health and safety—well intentioned, legislators that sincerely believe that the only protection a customer should have is the ability to sue a bad actor in our trade. How can you sue an unlicensed dealer that screwed up an install for $5,000 when the lawyer will cost more than that and the dealer doesn’t have any money anyway. HOW? We have got to make our point and you are the only way that can happen. Please, for the sake of our industry—for the sake of your friends and neighbors, forward the survey to your customers. The survey will be in your email box this summer. The timing depends on the survey service. We can do this but we can only do it together.

Summer’s Hot But the Politics are Hotter!!!

Well, its June, its hot, and you’re busy so our next issue will be in October. That will give you time to catch your breath-----HOWEVER; we do need one more thing this summer. The Red Tape Reduction Work Group, a

group that consists of 15 plus legislators and agency heads committed to eliminating “un-necessary” licensing and regulation, will meet several times this summer with the intent of presenting their findings by November to the Governor for legislation. I am not being Chicken Little when I say that every license is under the gun. I am also not exaggerating when I say that I believe that the mechanical trades; HVACR, Plumbing, and Electrical; are particularly at risk. The Plumbing and Electrical apprenticeship programs have some folks really upset due to their length. The Red Tape Working Group wants data and we can give it to them. I believe that we can generate 10,000 responses which will be huge and something that they will listen to. We must have numbers or the legislature will not listen to our argument that the HVAC industry not only provides comfort but is also responsible for the health and safety of our customers. Well let me get to the point of what I need from you. This summer you will receive an email with a questionnaire link attached. There are

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