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S tate, National, Chapter News Feature Story

Lunch & Learn Launches New Education Partnership

the work space can become when the installers don’t know or understand the code.

Monday, October 12 marked the beginning of a new and exciting educational outreach to the HVACR industry in Arkansas. The Arkansas Department of Labor and Licensing, HVACR Licensing Program and the Arkansas HVACR Association partnered to provided free code updates and reminders via webinars for anyone interested in tuning in. The first webinar concerned the “clear work space” in front of the disconnect. Tony Woodard, State HVACR Inspector, and Charles Covington, State Chief Inspector for the Electrical Program, along with Tom Hunt, Executive Director of the Association, presented the code as well as the reason for the code. According to Charles Covington, there have been shock occurances that resulted in death. It seems that electrical conduit and refrigerant piping in the walk path / work area can keep the technician from stepping back and releasing themselves from the electrical current. Charles Covington stated, “This has been in code for a long time and it is time that we enforced it for the safety of the technician.” The following picture taken by Tony Woodard demonstrates how cluttered

As you can see, there is no work / free space in front of the disconnects and it would be very difficult to jump or fall back if an electrical shock occurred. Correct installation requires-- ➢ the greater of the width of the disconnects or 30 inches parrallel to the disconnects and ➢ 3 feet of clear space perpendicular to the disconnect. That 30” by 36” is easy to envision. One could cut a piece of cardboard that size and lay it in front of the disconnect. If there are no obstructions, it meets code and saftey requirements. Electrical Conduct and refrigeration piping can cross in front of the disconnect if it is

S tate, National, Chapter News Feature Story

flush to the wall and does not extend out more than the depth of the disconnect.

The following illustrates the required free work space in a simple two condenser / disconnect installation.

The webinar was posted on YouTube and can be accessed with the following link; rO478VusA&t=2s

Link to Lunch & Learn

Future Lunch & Learn Webinars will be available at noon the 2 nd Monday of each Month. You’ll receive a notice with the link to join.

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• Our country has seen unparalleled growth and prosperity after Trump was elected even though the demise of the economic

2020 Like No Other Not sense the days of Richard Nixon and George McGovern in 1972 have I seen an election like this one. In fact, Richard and George

system was predicted. • We have lived through an impeachment hearing and accusations of Russian collusion. • We have witnessed more accusations of lying coming from both sides than we would normally hear in a lifetime. (Only a little hyperbole) • We heard the Democratic candidate tell a sitting president to “ shut up ” and call him a “ joke ” during a debate. • We ’ ve lived through 8 months of a pandemic, seen over 8.2 million cases, and 219,000 deaths. • We ’ ve witnessed peaceful protests turn into riots with over two billion dollars in damage. • We ’ ve seen horrifying examples of brutality and hatred like we thought America would never again experience — but we did. • Supporters on both sides of the presidential election are convinced that this is the apocalypse if the other side wins I hope and trust that we have lived through too much together for us to let our beloved America sink into the ashes of history because of this time. America really is, as Ronald Reagan said, “… a shining light. ” Why else would so many want to come here, legally or illegally. I know too many people that started with

couldn ’ t even begin to compare to the turmoil and hue and cry of 2020. I remember thinking that McGovern was going to win without a miracle for Nixon. (I didn ’ t even remember that the polls favored Nixon — only that the media had McGovern as the desired winner.) A miracle is exactly what Nixon got. Nixon won 60.7% of the vote with the widest popular vote margin since WWII. He won every state except Massachusetts and the District of Columbia. It was in the stress of the Vietnam War and 18 year olds being given the right to vote that 5 of Nixon ’ s buddies broke into the Democratic National Committee Headquarters in the Watergate Building. Caught by a simple security guard, they did not resist and the rest is history. Nixon tried to cover it up and congress moved toward impeachment. On August 9, 1974, Nixon resigned to avoid being impeached and convicted. It was a turbulent time. Even so, it does not compare to the last 4 years of Donald Trump and a venomous congress. Being a little “ long in the tooth ” , I spend too much time talking about “ in my day ” but that is OK. Age gives one perspective even if it is not tempered with wisdom. Here is what I know. • Our country has endured worse; i.e., the Civil War.

virtually nothing and have made a great living for their family. I ’ ve always believed that every high school senior should take a their senior trip to a third world country to serve for at least a week. If they did, they ’ d return grateful to their country, their parents, and their God that they were born in this amazing country. We are not here because we are good, but we have an opportunity to be even better because we are here. I have a few wishes for this season of Thanksgiving and politics. I wish that we could converse or even debate our political opinions with thoughtfulness, reason, and logic. I wish that anger could give way for the appreciation that all can voice an opinion in an America which champions “freedom of spee ch. ” I wish that all zones were “safe zones” where everyone could feel free to express themselves and give the other a handshake and perhaps agree to disagree. I wish that families could enjoy their Thanksgiving without the afternoon breaking out into a family fight over politics. I wish that wanting our country to be better could be expressed without hatred and violence. Regardless of your preference for president, you must vote. I would never, as Executive Director of the Association, tell you who to vote for. I would ask that each company owner allow for their employees to take time off to vote. We owe it to this country to facilitate voting. The job can wait another day but we only have one day to vote--if you haven ’ t used the opportunity to vote early.

Yes, I am passionate about my candidate but am more grateful for my country and my family. Whether I am happy or frustrated over the results of the election, I will accept the results, go on with my life, and work for the best of my family and my friends — my country. For several months I have received from 1 to 4 emails each day telling me that the other party is trying to steal the election. Now, I hear a constant drumbeat telling me that the transfer of power from one president to another may be in jeopardy. Frankly, I don ’ t believe either one. America is greater than Trump or Biden, Republicans or Democrats. America is the people that believe in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. America is the good people that only want go to work, make a living, love their family, and be helpful to their neighbors. They want to worship their God and have a little time left over for play. They want their children to have a better life. They want to have opportunities. They want to be respected for their character. They want to follow the Golden Rule of “ Doing Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You. ” They respect authority, the police, and the military. They don ’ t like getting stopped by the police but understand that is what happens when you speed. It is the right thing. We just don ’ t like getting caught. I am asking you to vote and to appreciate the opportunity. I am asking you to support our country regardless of the outcome. I am asking that you serve others by doing a good job at whatever your job is. AND--May God Bless America and you.

updates. This moving target drives me crazy. Even back in March, it appeared that the CDC and others were dismissing the value of wearing masks so the N95s would be more readily available to health care workers. At that time, we were told that masks did not protect the wearer but did help the other person. Even the beloved Dr. Fauci said that wearing a mask was not necessary back on March 8. I remember thinking at the time that unless the masks had a check valve why would the mask not also help filter some of the droplets otherwise being inhaled by the mask wearer. It j ust didn’t make sense. Some protection seemed logical and it would be better than no protection. It really wasn’t until April 3 that the CDC began to recommend wearing a mask. Now the CDC reports a study in which over 70% of those contracting the virus wore a mask all of the time. Now that doesn’t mean wearing a mask contributes to getting the virus but does illustrate that wearing a mask is not a cure-all to contracting the virus. I am confused. Not sure what is up or what is down or if I am going or coming. Been a very confusing 7+ months. As time goes on, many, myself included, are skeptical of reports and suggestions made by our government. I have also noticed that lots of “working people” are ignoring the admonitions to wear a mask. I was in three businesses and only a few were wearing a mask. In fact, the employees were not wearing a mask but they were practicing social distancing. Which brings up the point, if you wear a mask do you have to social distance and the inverse. If you social distance do you have to wear a mask?

Why I Wear a Mask

And Hate It

Since March we have seen shifts in attitude about wearing a mask. In our publication, “ COVID-19 and the HVACR Industry

Health & Safety ”, we discussed several issues, masks being one. I did lots of research to make sure that the information we presented was well documented. Most of our quotes came from the CDC and the WHO. At the time, they were our golden standard of health and safety. Back then, we quoted the CDC and said, “ WEARING A MASK IS NOT NECESSARY AS IT IS NOT RECOMMENDED BY THE CDC.” We provided a link to the WHO on wearing a mask, If you use that link today you will notice that it was last updated on August 5. What you will not see is a “trace or tracking ” of the changing information and opinion. In fact, if you read our March publication and access the links provided, you would see that much of the information has changed. It is good that it changed. It proves that they are learning and adapting to new information; however, I would appreciate the CDC and WHO clearly stating that their new opinions supersede previous reports and conclusions as well as provide a library and timeline to their publications and

Not sure about that since American Lung Association says, “ A cough can travel as fast as 50 mph and expel almost 3,000 droplets in just one go. Sneezes win though — they can travel up to 100 mph and create upwards of 100,000 droplets.” I just want things to make sense and for the government to tell the truth — best they know it — and to track their own evidence and comments. That would help. So, why do I wear a mask? THE GOVERNOR On April 5, Governor Hutchinson encouraged all Arkansans with some exceptions to follow CDC advice to wear a mask. By April 30, all but 8 states had issued some form of state-wide lock down and 3 of those had a lockdown in parts of their state. You may recall that the national media was giving Arkansas and our Governor all kinds of “heck” for not going into a total lock down. I remember it well because the Arkansas HVACR Association was working diligently with ACCA to be sure that the HVACR industry was listed as an essential business. Fortunately, the federal government added our industry to the list and the Governor did not have to. In spite of all the criticism, Governor Hutchinson remained resolute in resisting a lock down. On July 16 th, he issued EO-2043, a mandate to wear a mask. In that mandate, a preamble or Whereas stated, “It is in the best interest of all Arkansans to keep business open and maintain the activities of daily life. Requiring face coverings is a less restrictive mitigation measure that will not only enable the Arkansas economy

to remain open, but also it will reduce the spread of COVID 19.” It is my opinion that I owe it to the Governor to comply with EO-2043 and wear a mask. What if our governor had given in and put us in a total lock down? …a less restrictive mitigation measure that will not only enable the Arkansas economy to remain open, but also it will reduce the spread of COVID 19.” EO-2043 Imagine how much worse it would have been for everyone. So, I wear a mask. I don’t like it and -- • Am not sure how much it helps if any, • Am sick of the mask ticking my nose and making me sneeze, • Having to go back to my car to get the mask when I forget to put it on, • Having my glasses fog over from the warm moist air exiting the mask • Not getting to see facial expressions, • Etc., etc., etc. BUT, I will wear a mask to say thank you to the Governor for not putting us in a lock down. Don’t take this as a kiss -up to the Governor. It is not that. I have had more than one occasion when I felt he should have listened and did not give our industry the ear he should have. BUT, I will wear a mask to say thank you to the Governor for not putting us in a lock down. THANK YOU GOVERNOR HUTCHINSON


YORK ® equipment has earned a reputation for American-built quality, efficiency and durability. As a YORK Contractor, you earn the same reputation when you offer YORK products to your customers, and we are proud to support you with the widest selection of factory-direct YORK solutions on the market. Designed, engineered and assembled in North America, YORK products undergo performance and reliability testing that is unmatched in our industry, ensuring energy savings and lasting performance for years to come.


5601 Old Greenwood Rd Suite 1 Fort Smith, AR 72903 479-259-9960

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HVACR NewsMagazine November 2020

Hearings & Outcomes

Beginning in this issue, the NewsMagazine will carry news of hearings and their outcomes. Hearings are generated when someone, usually a homeowner, complains about a heating and air conditioning installation. The complaint makes it way to the HVACR Licensing Board when the contractor fails to correct the violations. The attitude of the inspection program is helping the contractor understand the code violations and giving them time to make the corrections. This is the best way to make the homeowner whole. If the contractor makes the corrections, seldom does a contractor find themselves before the board with the possibility of a fine. In the vast majority of the cases, the contractor fails to appear and the Board is left with reviewing the inspectors testimony, pictures of the infractions, and deciding on the appropriate fine. If the contractor has not made the required corrections and if the contractor is a repeat offender, the hearing can result in a suspension or revocation of license. This does not make the homeowner whole but does give them a better case in civil court. Regretfully, civil court is the only way a homeowner can get restitution for the cost of repairing or replacing the poorly installed system. Even worse, most homeowners find that the offending contractor does not have sufficient assets to pay the judgement. So, the result is that the homeowner is out the cost of repair or replacement plus the cost of the attorney. Prior to the NewsMagazine carrying the results of the hearings, the information has generally gone without notice. We hope that reporting the hearings will result in transparency and serve to protect trusting homeowners and business persons.


Rusty Rucker Jonesboro , AR

Initial Inspection: February 6, 2020 Code Violations • Act 277 -Performing work without a license Arkansas Mechanical Code • 301.7 – Electrical wire entering cabinet without protection • 301.14 – Rodent proofing – Did not seal refrigeration lineset • 304.1 – General Installation & 301.4 Fuel Gas – Did not install per manufacturer’s instructions and did not protect gas flex line entering furnace cabinet • 306.3 – Appliance in Attics – Did not provide access or electrical requirements • 307.2 – Traps – Did not install P-trap per instructions • 603.4- Metallic Ducts – Did not install per SMACNA Standards • 604.11 Vapor Retarders — Did not tape & seal insulation properly • 605.3 – Airflow over the filer – Did not have even airflow over filter ➢ Mr. Rucker signed receipt of hearing notification sent by registered mail ➢ Mr. Rucker did not respond to notification or answer phone calls. ➢ Mr. Rucker did not appear at the hearing on October 14, 2020.

Decision: the Board upheld the Departments decision to impose a $2,750.00 penalty Penalty: $2,750 fine

Don’t use hand-held phones while driving a CMV.

It’s the law. A CMV can be as small as a 3/4 T Truck and a Tandum Axle Trailer

©Copyright Employers Mutual Casualty Company 2017. All rights reserved. Image ©2012 RI6359

S tate, National, Chapter News State national Chapter News

• Go to Arkansas Department of Labor and Licensing: • Scroll down on the left to HVAC/R

License Running Late??? More than a few folks are wondering why they have not received their license when they know they sent in their renewal and payment. Well, it seems that the mail is at least in part to blame. Why? Who knows. T hey don’t call it

snail mail for nothing. I checked with the Department of Labor and Licensing who confirmed one dealer’s experience. He mailed his renewal,

• Click on HVACR Individual Renewal • Enter your license number and type of license; i.e., “A”, “B”, “C”, “D”, “E”.

with payment, stamped by USPS on September 15. It arrived and was stamped as received by the Licensing Program on October 15. Man! That 197 mile trip which you can accomplish in 2 hours 58 minutes according to Google Maps took a heck of a lot longer than one would normally expect. Not sure what is going on with the Post Office but this is not normal. Now that we know the problem, we can adjust. Here’s how— ✓ Send in your renewal two months early instead of waiting or ✓ Renew on line.

• Click Continue • Follow the instructions

❖ If you get a “ Failure ” notice after you enter your License # and Type, it may mean that your renewal and payment has been received and is in the mail back to you. Thus, it does not show up in the need to renew list.

The easiest, surefire method is to renew on line. Here’s how:

S tate, National, Chapter News State national Chapter News

Contact the Department at 501-682- 9201. You will need your check or money order # and the approximate date it was mailed. Ms. Lisa Collins will research it for you. She can send you a digital copy of your renewed license while you wait on snail mail to get the printed copy. Above all, excuse the grammar, “It ain’t no thang.” We have very concerned and cooperative folks to administer the program and serving our industry is on their top priority list. If you need to pull a permit before the Department can get you the digital copy of the renewal, look up your information using the Department’s portal. • Use same HVAC/R link from above • Click on “HVACR Roster Search” • Enter the requested information Your license information will pop up. If it has renewed, you can print a copy and take it to the building and code authority. They usually will accept that for documentation while you wait on the original. As we move into the “Land of Digimatation”, my name for all things digital, we have the opportunity to handle our business more quickly and with less help; thus, use the new on line renewal process if at all possible. We can’t solve the snail mail problem but we can get an instant renewal, print out the information, and proceed with our business rather than being frustrated with the world we cannot control.

Need to Save Money and Get Great Service? Now may be the best time to review your commercial insurance: General Liability, Workers Compensation, Vehicle, Building, etc.

Travis Hill……………....(479) 424 -4918 Cash McMillin…….….(501) 581 -1176 David Hoffmans…….(501) 908 -2395

Association Members Receive 10% Discount

/22.,1* )25 $1 ($6< :$< 72 *52: <285 %86,1(66" 3DUWQHU ZLWK (QWHUJ\ 6ROXWLRQV







Amessage fromEntergy $UNDQVDV ,LLC.©2019EntergyServices, LLC.All Rights Reserved. The Entergy Solutions program is an energy efficiency program and not affiliated with Entergy Solutions,LLC

S tate, National, Chapter News State national Chapter News

Multiple Licenses Are Out Some contractors / licensees have multiple companies for the legitimate purposes of marketing, accounting, etc. The Arkansas HVACR Licensing Law allows a single licensee to be the licensee of record for multiple companies; however, it does not allow a licensee to “sell , rent, or loan ” their license. Sometimes, especially as a person moves on from our industry due to age or interest, they are approached by another to allow them to “use” their license. This may be a temporary or permanent arrangement. Regardless, it is unlawful to “sell , rent, or loan ” ones license. The concept of having a license of record is to establish responsibility for the workmanship done under the auspices of the licensee. Fines and license revocation are the responsibility of the licensee of record. That means the licensee of record must be involved in the business that is using the license as permission to do work. Back to when it is permissible to use a single licensee for multiple companies. Let’s say a person has a HVAC company and a refrigeration company. Advertising with a name that implies Regardless, it is unlawful to “sell , rent, or loan ” ones license.

focus on a particular work could be helpful. A large grocery chain may want to be assured that their contractor is well educated, experienced, and focused on refrigeration. They may have tried working with a company that did HVAC and refrigeration and it went south. Yes, just because you are the best HVAC repai rman doesn’t mean that you are a refrigeration mechanic. Big difference. So, the supermarket chain may have decided to only work with companies that focus on refrigeration. The owner of the HVAC company and the refrigeration company may be the licensee of record for both companies. They must have at least an “E” license to do refrigeration and or a “A” or “B” license to do HVAC and refrigeration. The owner and licensee of record of both companies understands the need for keeping techs that are trained in the idiosyncrasies of their prime focus; i.e., HVAC or refrigeration. Seldom do the two cross train. In the past, a person could have multiple licenses using one as the

S tate, National, Chapter News State national Chapter News

license of record for company “A” and another license for company “B”. It co st the full license fee for each license. Two licenses: two fees. Superficially, the only person loosing in this scenario is the person paying for two licenses. Oh, contrar. Over time, it morphed into a person with multiple licensees using them as a shield against having their license revoked. Screw up with one company and license. No matter, you had another to work under. Labor and licensing saw the problem and stopped the practice of having multiple licenses. Now — one person, one license. Whatever you do under the license in any company is trackable and the licensee of record is responsible for following code in both companies. So, what is the benefit to good contractors with multiple companies? • The licensee only has to pay for one license • The consumer benefits because the licensee understands their responsibility and workmanship in one company links to the responsibility and workmanship in another. Loose your license for bad work in one company, you loose the ability to do work in the other as well. You are probably wondering how the multiple license idea ever got started. No one knows. The thing we do know is that the practice of multiple licenses is over. One person, one license. There

never was any benefit to the legitimate contractor / licensee or the consumer. Many of you have already received notice from the Department of Labor and License that the old practice is over and that you will no longer be able to carry multiple licenses. Just contact the HVACR program at (501) 682-9201 and have one of your licenses be the “license of record” for each of your companies. You’ll save money and it will help eliminate the unscrupulous from taking advantage of Arkansas consumers. It will also build professionalism in our industry.

An important way to distinguish your company from all the other “me too” HVAC dealers is to have the best employees that can be trusted in the homes of your clients / customers. More important than cool air or warm air is the peace of mind in knowing that one’s belongings and family are safe. A tech that has passed a background check and has a company photo ID demonstrates professionalism and trustworthiness to the client / customer. Employee background checks are also important for the dealer. The dealer can manage their liability and their insurance costs by making sure that their employees have passed a background check, a drug screening test, and a driving record search. A member of the Arkansas HVACR Association can have that peace of mind by using the endorsed service, CourtHouse Concepts. Their prices are affordable and their reputation is great. Association members that are already using CoutHouse Concepts have given them a glowing recommendation. Be sure to identify yourself as a member of the Association to get a 10% discount.

Here are some plan option:

Expanded Criminal Plan $25.00

Independent Drug Testing $40

Motor Vehicle Report $19.95

*Social Security Trace – match SS# to applicant and lists addresses *Nationwide Criminal History—500 million criminal records *Nationwide Sex Offender Search *Nationwide Courthouse Check—7 yr. County Criminal History--Court Fees are additional if applicable

Amphetamines Barbiturates Benzodiazepines - Cocaine - Ecstasy - Marijuana - Methadone - Methamphetamine - Opiates – Phencyclidine

~3 years driving record Speeding & violations DWI Accidents

Hair follicle available on request (~90 days, $120)

24 to 48 hours

2 – 3 days

1 day or less

Paul J. Hickman III 3205 Shackleford Pass Little Rock, AR 72205 Main - 501-588-3973 : Direct - 501-588-7115 Toll Free - 877-750-3660

Arkansas HVACR Association, P. O. Box 1296, Little Rock, AR 72203, 501-487-8655 : ;

S tate, National, Chapter News State national Chapter News

Kirk’s Corner End-of-season reminders How to submit your rebates early and seamlessly Thank you for joining us for this year’s virtual Scoop meeting. We hope you found the information helpful as 2020 comes to an end, and we look ahead to 2021. As the year ends, we want to remind you to submit your rebates online early. Before you submit your online application, we will need the following information from your invoice: Preparing for end-of-year rebates

(optional but results in faster processing time)

Bonus tip

To make the process run smoothly, make sure to include your company’s name and Dealer ID. “We at CenterPoint Energy continue to process rebates and are working hard to get your customers their rebates as quickl y as possible,” said Kirk Pierce, Energy Efficiency Consultant. To save time and for your customers to receive their rebates faster, we recommend submitting your rebates online using our easy-to-use application at

- Customer name - Installation address - Equipment brand

- Model number - Serial number - CenterPoint Energy Customer account number

S tate, National, Chapter News State national Chapter News

already satisfied with your present company? Don’t change. The Association would never ask you to do anything that is against your best interest; however, if their quote is less and you get a 10% discount, “ WHY WOULD YOU NOT CHANGE ?” Your changing to EMC helps the entire industry because of the financial help EMC gives the Association. How is that true? Let me be very presumptuous and say that the Arkansas HVACR Association offers benefits to its members that are unavailable elsewhere at an affordable price. 1. The Association works tirelessly on legislative and regulation issues. 2. The Association has saved the industry thousands of dollars that most will never know about. It is usually behind the scenes. Just one example. Those that attended the Manual J classes this fall were part of a $22,250 cumulative savings. 3. The Association offers training and informative sessions in each of the eight chapters during their five meetings. Three especially important examples are a. “So Called” Drop In Refrigerants b. Mechanical Ventilation c. DOT licensing surprise requirements Again, these were made possible in part by EMC Insurance. So, I am not embarrassed to ask you to give EMC a shot at your business. What have you got to lose? (479) 424-4918 or (501) 581-1176

Why you owe it to yourself and the industry

OK! It is obvious that the Arkansas HVACR Association promotes EMC insurance. Truth is, there is something in it for us. EMC pays the Association an advertising/marketing fee that is important to the finances of the Association. BUT THAT ISN’T THE ONLY REASON! First, EMC came recommended by several HVACR companies in the Ft. Smith chapter. Why? Here are three reasons: 1. EMC is very competitive 2. EMC offers Association members a 10% discount in addition to their competitive rates 3. EMC has a record of quick and fair claims service. Second, the fee paid by EMC to the Association allows us to keep our membership dues low, only $200 per year. Most other Associations begin at $400 and go to over a thousand. Third, we sincerely believe that every HVACR contractor in Arkansas owes it to themselves to get a quote prior to their next renewal. Notice, I did not say buy from EMC. They still have to compete for your business with pricing and service. It costs noting to get a quote and the benefits can be substantial. What if they come in higher and you are

S tate, National, Chapter News Education News

NTI Business & Industry 550 Bain St, Springdale, Arkansas 72764 Ronni Hammond : 479-751-8824 SAU Tech 6415 Spellman Rd, East Camden, AR 71701 Eddie Horton : 870-574-4500 Southeast Arkansas College 1900 Hazel Street, Pine Bluff, AR 71603 John Pyland : 870-543-5900 UACC Hope / Texarkana 2500 South Main, Hope 71802 Leo Rateliff : 870-722-8507 UACC Morrilton 1537 University Blvd., Morrilton, AR 72110 3000 West Scenic Drive, NLR 72206 Robert Dixon : 501-812-2200 EEDD 1224 Fayetteville Road, Van Buren Rick Rosenthal : 479-926-7462 If you are a college or technical institute and want to be included in the list of HVACR education providers, contact the NewsMagazine 501-487-8655 We’ll make sure you are in the next issue. Also, if we need to correct your information, please let us know. (501) 977-2053 UA Pulaski Tech Add Your Name

Training Programs

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S tate, National, Chapter News Education News

• Want to start an in-house training program for your techs? • Want to add substance and training material that your techs can use anytime? • Want training that is affordable? • Want training that is easily accessible? The ESCO Group rolled out the newest addition to their training material intended for schools, companies, and techs that want to improve their knowledge and move up in their career. You may know ESCO as the premier provider of EPA 608 training but they have come a long way and their work in education is now unsurpassed for individual or organized--classroom education. Many college programs have adopted their accreditation program but ESCO also makes a plethora of educational materials available for everyone — at affordable pricing. So what is available? Recorded Webinars — Free Danfoss:  Expansion Device Characteristics, Part 1 & 2  Preparing Tomorrow’ W orkforce for Flammable Refrigerants Honeywell:  Fundamentals of Refrigeraton

Welcome to the ESCO Institute elearning center, the ESCO Learning Network (ELN). Here you can access

digital curriculum, immersive learning, streaming videos,

 Environmental Regulations  Choosing a Refrigerant  Vapor Compression Refrigeration Cycle  Thermodynamic Properties  Refrigerant Resources  Retrofitting HCFCs and HFCs  Environmental Systems Solutions  Mechanical Codes  Compressor Capacity  Refrigeration Design Fundamentals ESCO Courses — Affordable Fee  Brazing and Soldering 38 Lessons, $32.95  Refrigeration Cycle, Refrigerants, and Components Training 136 Lessons, $19.95  Basic Refrigeraton and Charging Procedures 59 Lessons, $29.95 specific aspect of what the average HVACR service technician is likely to encounter in the field. ELN webinars, industry news and the work bench series, a compilation of short, concise videos targeting

S tate, National, Chapter News Education News

 R-410 Safety Training 39 Lessons, $24.95  Gas Heating: Furnaces, Boilers, Components, and Controls 11 courses, $59.95  EPA 608 Preparatory Course Bundle $28.95  Workbench Training Series 7 courses, $2.95 monthly Technical Training Associates: Jim Johnson — Affordable Fee  Technical Training Asssociates Subscription 32 Courses $29.95 monthly  HVACR Troubleshooting Series: A Heat Pump That Won’t Cool 4 Lessons $16.95  HVACR Electrical Troubleshooting Component Testing Video 4 Lessons $20.95 Technical Training Associates: Jim Johnson Articles — Free  Heat Pump Wiring Diagrams  Air Flow Performance and How it Affects RefrigerationSystem Pressure  EEV Fundamentals If you want to know more about ESCO, click on the following box . You’ll be impressed with their offerings.

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Rebate Programs & Incentives

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“Stop Promising

What the Equipment

Can’t Deliver!”

“Four Questions that Can Provide Solutions”

As a business owner you hear the complaint repeatedly. “You promised my problems would be over if your company did the work!” If your company does electrical repair and the light that was off when you arrive and is on when you leave you are pretty much home free. If you own a plumbing company and the stuff in the toilet goes down when you leave, most likely the original problem is taken care of. The examples above do simplify circumstances around plumbing and electrical repairs. But since you cannot readily see results, the HVAC industry is different. When we walk away, so much is dependent upon other factors. • What was the ambient temp? • What was the indoor temp and humidity when you packed up and left? • Was the air flow correct? The customer views us as an expert and when you or your staff member leave the home, the expectation is, problem solved . This fact makes it

imperative we understand our job, provide a correct diagnosis, and make the proper repairs. So why do contractors and their staff propose repairs and improvements that are not accomplished? Most of the time there is a knowledge gap. The owner, service or install manager may have the answers, however the sales or installation staff may not understand principle requirements for making equipment perform. We all realize there is a game of musical chairs going on to get, and maintain, good service and install employees, so providing continuous training on process and installation are a must. There is also an expectation that new home construction contractors provide methods and techniques to support a home that functions as it should. With all the equipment improvements and technology innovation, you would think todays equipment and duct systems are installed correctly. If so, you would be wrong. 80 percent of the homes with central systems have problems from the

S tate, National, Chapter News Tech News

first day they were installed and 9 of 10 times airflow is the issue. So, what is the solution? Stop making repairs, changing equipment, or installing new home HVAC without understanding the fundamental requirements to make the home livable and economical. In other words, “Stop Promising what the Equipment Can’t Deliver!” Assess the issues- Our society has become so dependent upon technology, we forget the best tool we maintain for engineering purposes are our eyes. Get used to understanding what underperforming equipment looks like. When training your staff on return air sizes, cut out poster boards that represent the size grilles required for proper airflow related to nominal tonnage. Poster board cut at 22-degree angles can be used to demonstrate transition requirements to maintain air flow without robbing the system of necessary static pressure. Assess the duct system to validate whether the duct is routed carefully with sweeping turns and no reversed direction runs. On new home construction and equipment replacement think logically of how to position the furnace or air handler to minimize duct runs. In many homes a 90-degree swing of the equipment can reduce duct length significantly. We

must remember that it is easier to pull air than to push air even when ducts are sized correctly. Be sure terminal devices are pushing air toward targets for efficient and effective distribution. During cooling we push low energy air to walls and windows to displace heat. During the heating season we direct the air to those same targets, but the air is now energy laden. Tests prove high sidewall delivery of air to exterior walls, is the gold standard. Where high sidewalls are not available, curved blade ceiling devices must be employed. Contrary to popular belief, we are attempting to deliver low energy (cooing) and high energy (heating) air to contact surfaces like walls, windows, and doors. We are not cooling the air inside the home. When we deliver the appropriate amounts of air correctly run times can be reduced and likewise unit off times will enhanced due to loading the mass in construction materials. If duct replacement is a part of your scope, (and it should be) measure from inside the dwelling. Once these measurements are made move to the attic to make sure the duct is accessible to match your estimate. When we begin duct estimates in the attic, our ability to estimate accurately is hampered by a distorted view of distance due to limited views and space relations. Less wasted duct at the end of the day saves you

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money and you begin to get more work with more competitive bids. HVAC replacement remains a 40% gross margin and duct replacement is 70% gross margin job. Therefore, it pays to include duct modifications in your scope of work. Once the amount of duct is determined, you can move to what the air requirements should be. At this stage, it may become clear whether the nominal tonnage installed in the home was correct, or if the system was oversized from the beginning. Generally, homes that are leaky or of pier and beam construction may require as much as one cfm per square foot of air delivery. Homes on a slab will use no more than .8 cfm per square feet. Homes built after 2006 (code compliant) will use .6 cfm and low load homes will be .5 or less cfm per square foot. Of course, you must run a load calc as these numbers are a simple generalization to get us thinking more appropriately on sizing of equipment as the relation of BTU and air flow must be tied together.

choke point for performance. We must maintain adequate surface area to keep static across the intake as low as possible. The basic calculation can be made by dividing the cfm required (400 cfm per nominal ton) by two. A three- ton nominal system should have 600 square inches of free return air. Platform return air can substantially limit air intake to make performance impossible. Floor joist

returns are often undersized and restricted. It is important your staff recognize the issues and formulate solutions. Not all structures are going to

Photo 1: Platform Return

allow substantial improvements; however, your company will go in with eyes open and limitations on performance outlined within the contract and communicated to the customer. Many times, the customer may opt for an inclusive job scope to correct the deficiencies that will solve problems at higher costs. Customers understand lasting solutions sometimes cost more.

“ Four Questions to Meet Performance”.

The first fundamental question is “Can I feed the equipment enough air to get the job done?” Return air continues to remain the number one

Return air, net free area calculation can be made by dividing the cfm required (400 cfm per nominal ton) by two.

S tate, National, Chapter News Tech News

The second question should be is “What quantity and quality of filtration does this system require?” No system should be installed relying on the filter space at the bottom of an air handler or furnace. These spaces are provided only to keep trash out of the unit during installation. One-inch filters should become extinct in your shop replaced by media filters with thickness of three and a half inches or more. This will require forward thinking and planning. On systems more than 3- ton nominal capacity, two filters at a minimum should be used as a rule.

work as engineers design is by providing effective air delivery. With today’s inverter or variable capacity equipment it would seem velocity has been forgotten. With equipment continually changing capacity and air flow, terminal devices are rendered useless. Duct systems should be designed to maintain velocities 600 and 900 feet per minute. Distribution begins with a properly configured plenum or reduced extended trunk line. Homes with variable capacity equipment other than simple unloading scrolls should always be zoned to take advantage of the technology. This means incorporating remote thermostats and dampers that operate fully open or fully closed. Modulating damper systems that open and close to match the current running capacity completely disregard distribution requirements. Your target for delivered air remains the same as discussed under the prior heading of “Assessing the Issues”. Duct systems should be designed to maintain velocities 600 and 900 feet per minute.

Photo 2: Filter Resistance

The third question should be “Is the air deli very effective?” The HVAC contracting community must remember that air flow within every section of the system is controllable by installation methods. The only way the blower section can

Photo 3: Transitions

S tate, National, Chapter News Tech News

system overcharged, particularly during heating season with a heat pump.

ACCA Standard for Charging

Outdoor Temperature Indoor Temperature

Local Data 75-degree 63-degree

Indoor Wet Bulb Temperature

Solutions for past problems- Unfortunately, with incorrect duct configuration and insufficient air flow, equipment will not last and economy and comfort are not obtainable. The customer expected an expert to have installed the previous system correctly and you must convince the customer that the expert is now sitting across the table. When we formulate solutions for homeowners, we must take the time to educate our customers with understandable facts using everyday terms. It is the contractor ’s responsibility to explain that an air conditioning system with poorly designed duct costs them in comfort and economy. If the system is over 10 years old, technology sometimes outstrips its useful life. Just as cell phones are updated several times a year, the HVAC industry takes substantial steps about every two years that make an investment in updated equipment attractive every 12 to 15 years. A responsible contractor makes sure the entire package delivers comfort, economy and reliability.

Photo 4: Duct Sizing

Finally, the fourth question is “Did I charge the system properly?” Charging the system at completion of installation or a service call is a complicated process. ACCA standards for charging the system stand at an indoor temperature of 75 degrees with a wet bulb of 63 degrees. Your technicians or start up crews will most likely never see these conditions, so it remains imperative that the air flow is correct, so the charge is as close as possible. We should have a basic understanding when we charge the system and ambient and or indoor temperatures are higher than ACCA standards, we are leaving the system slightly undercharged. When we charge the system and ambient and or indoor temperatures are cool, we leave the

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