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What You Need to Know to Run a Profitable Business by Bill Kinnard

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Relative Humidity in the Air Supply by Bryan Orr

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Mimi’s Old Fashioned Chocolate Pie

Be Safe, Be Healthy See you in the Fall

S tate, National, Chapter News Feature Story

Association, during the last couple of months since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis. 1. Wrote and distributed “ COVID-19 and the HVACR Industry Health & Safey ”— 13 pages, 15 considerations for technician and consumer safety, 34 references. 2. FaceBook Event & YouTube Posting Running Service Amid COVID-19 37 minutes FaceBook event co- hosted with Dan Chapman , President of Central Chapter. Posted on YouTube. Click on the link to watch. 3. Worked with ACCA to petition the Federal Government to specifically name the HVACR industry as Essential. Department of Homeland Security included the designation on page 10 of the document link. 4. Worked with ACCA to distribute designation flyer to be carried in service vehicles. 5. Wrote and distributed “ Payroll Protection Plan Summary for HVACR Businesses ” — 5 page summary of application questions from various government web sites. 6. Attended and represented the Association on two sub-committees regarding adoption of the 2018 Energy Code. We enjoy the synergistic power and opportunity of the Association. That ’ s the power and opportunity that we have when we work together. I look forward to fall 2020 and spring 2021. There is so much good happening. We ’ re working on training, legislation, regulation, and chapter meetings — TOGETHER. Until Fall, Have a Truly Blessed Summer.

The Power of

Together The concept of being together is one of synergy. Synergy says two people working together can do more than two people working separately. Kinda ’ like 1+1=3 as opposed to 1 and 1 equals 2. We understand the concept in lifting. Two guys working together can pick up more than two guys working separately. The Logo of the Association is “ Working Together to Serve Arkansas. ” That means something. It means that if we add our support to the support of other dealers, people pay attention. It is true in the legislature, true in regulation, true in getting speakers for our chapter meetings, true in organizing training, etc., etc. etc. I see it all the time. When I speak at regulatory meetings, it isn ’ t me they pay attention to. It is the corporate efforts of you, members of the Arkansas HVACR Association. When introduced it is always, Tom Hunt, Executive Director of the HVACR Association. People then listen. They may not do what we want but they do listen. It is your credibility and support that gives us an audience. The big guys in the world can gain an audience by virtue of their size and reputation. That isn ’ t true for most of our members. It is only when we join together that we get attention. Even the big guys benefit when they say they are members of the Association. That togetherness creates synergy. The following is a list of things that we have accomplished, working together as the

chapter meetings

Central Chapter 4 th Tuesday 6:00 Meal : 6:30 Program Location: Whole Hog 2516 Cantrell Road Little Rock, AR 72202

October 27 November 24 February 23 March 23 April 27

September 1 October 6 November 3 December 1 January 5 February 2 March 2

Fort Smith Chapter 1 st Tuesday

5:30 Meal : 6:00 Program Location : Western Sizzlin 5200 Towson Avenue Fort Smith

April 6 May 4

Hot Springs Chapter 2 nd Tuesday 6:00 Meal : 6:30 Program Location: Smokin’ in Style BBQ 2278 Albert Pike Hot Springs North Central Chapter 4 th Thursday 6:00 Meal : 6:30 Program Location : Western Sizzlin ’ 905 Hwy 62 – 65 North Harrison

October 13 November 10 February 9

March 9 April 13

September 24 October 22 February 25 March 25 April 22

chapter meetings

North East Chapter 3 rd Tuesday

October 20 November 17 February 16 March 16 April 20

6:00 Meal : 6:30 Program Location : Western Sizzlin ’ 2405 East Highland Jonesboro 870/ 336 - 4417

North West Chapter 2 nd Thursday

October 8 November 12 February 11 March 11 April 8

6:00 Meal : 6:30 Program Location: Golden Corral 2605 Pleasant Crossing Drive Rogers 479/986-9201 South Central/ Camden 1 st Thursday 6:00 Meal : 6:30 Program Location: Ouachita Partners for Economic Development 625 Adams Avenue Camden 870/ 836 - 9354

October 1 November 5 February 4 March 4 April 1

South West / Texarkana 3 rd Thursday

October 15 November 17 February 18 March 18 April 15 Call for meeting Location

6:00 Meal : 6:30 Program Location: Rotates between restaurants. Call for a meeting location. 501/487-8655

This takes us to our industry, HVACR. In our previous publications we asked you to consider some thoughts about protecting your technicians and customers. We also said that you might think that some of the thoughts were ridiculous. Perhaps so; but, we also know that it only takes one incidence to put you out of business. Should an employee or one of your homeowners get sick — if they blame you — if you have not done EVERYTHING that the State, President, and CDC have recommended — how will you defend yourself? Consider these possible protections for your technicians, homeowners, and your business. • Take Employees Temperature o Log every morning • Facemasks (KN95 or surgical masks) o Cheap and readily available. • Gloves o Cheap and readily available • Booties o Cheap and readily available • Soap & Water or Hand Cleaner o Cheap and readily available • Social Distancing o Easy with customers but a little difficult with employees I know that you and your employees are bullet proof — nothing will happen and if it does you’ll tough it out. (How about that for sarcasm?) The question is, “Can your business tough it out?” 1 “ Minimizing the risk of COVID-19 infection lawsuits brought by employees”, Jason McVicker, McAfee & Taft Employer LINC | April 16, 2020 risk-of-covid-19-infection-lawsuits-brought-by- employees/

Employee Dies of COVID Related Complications Lawsuit Claims Employer Negligence In Illinois, a retail worker died of complications from COVID-19. In a new lawsuit – apparently the first of its kind – his lawyers blame the death on the employer’s failure to follow social - distancing guidelines. The lawsuit faults the employer for allegedly not doing enough to clean and sterilize the workplace, not providing protective equipment for staff, and not providing adequate warnings. Similar lawsuits will proliferate in the months to come. 1 As Americans continue living in an unprecedented era of quarantining, many employees aren’t quarantining at all. Workers in big-box retail shops, warehouses, grocery stores, and more are all still powering the economy as ‘essential employees,’ and they are still physically interacting with other people throughout the day. They can’t be asked to work from home – their safety requires different solutions. And where there is a dispute over safety, litigation is sure to follow. What does that mean for employers, and how will workers’ compensation interact with social distancing? We are all going to find out; litigation over COVID-19 deaths has already begun. 1

We have taken the CDC and WHO position that N95 masks should be reserved for health professionals working with COVID-19 patients. Since our last communication, the CDC is now recommending that EVERYONE wear a mask/covering when in the public. Previously, their position was that these non-N95 masks would not protect the wearer but would reduce the likelihood of the wearer infecting others. Since non-N95 masks are considered only marginally effective, I suppose a FAKE n-95 mask would do no harm. Our industry should not be putting technicians in the face of an infected customer anyway. It makes sense that these masks may not be what they claim but are at least as good as a bandanna which is accepted at present. AMAZING that we are at this point. This article is intended to let you know that not all claims by N95 vendors are valid but that something is better than nothing. The question is, “ Is it wise to spend extra for a N95 mask that may be FAKE when a face mask is available at considerably less. One promotion offered the N95 at just under $4.00 and the face mask at less than a dollar. The lower price face mask would allow you to use a new mask each day for about the same cost as using one FAKE


N95 Respirators

As if we don ’ t have enough to worry about, the Center for Disease Control and NIOSH, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, are warning about “ FAKE ” N95 respirators. Shouldn ’ t be a surprise. We are accustomed to “ FAKE ” contractors who work without a license, provide marginal service, and frequently do not deliver as promised. Kind of the same thing. You probably have received emails offering masks and other PPE in quantities at reasonable pricing. I have been a button push away from sending you links to consider but I don ’ t know the source or quality. It is a quandary in which I don ’ t know what to do. I did send a link to one company which I hope worked out. I am amazed that you and I can purchase quantities of so called N95 masks when Governors and hospitals are making appeals for product. Something is definitely wrong with this picture. Either our government and health officials are incompetent or these masks are not approved. I prefer to choose the latter.

N95 for a week. Also remember that real N95 masks require training to wear properly. Of course, this is your decision and I am not a medical professional. However, remember that your customers are hearing news reports that EVERYONE should wear a face mask when they are in the public. Our previous thought that your technicians should consider wearing a face mask is now out of date and they SHOULD wear a face mask if for nothing else but public relations.

The following is a link to the CDC and NIOSH website regarding the issue of FAKE N95 masks. It also has several pictures of masks that are FAKE.

Link to NIOSH

Be smart – Be safe.

Copied from the CDC / NPPTL website


just like they automatically put on the booties. Your people have to believe in it to the point of being proud of your company’s policies. It must be second nature. You can modify the provided flyer found on page 31. That will make it easy for you to insert your company’s name. If you don’t like t his one, make up your own. Either way, do something that will obviously separate you from your competitors.

Lead In Your Community… Win Loyal Customers The Corona Virus / COVID 19 has brought challenges but with it are also opportunities. Who is the HVACR professional in your community? If it is your company, you have to claim it, proclaim it, and implement it. One very obvious way to stand apart is to implement safety guidelines. You probably already have branded trucks and techs in uniform wearing booties, so what is the next step to establishing professionalism? • Claim It! Adopt a disease protection policy. You can link to “Running Service Amid COVID 19” which will give you 15 possible policies. • Proclaim It! You couldn’t have done this last year. It would have looked silly. Now you can make a loud statement that everyone will notice and respect — if you handle it right. On the next page is a sample mail or email flyer that informs your customer of your policy. It gives you a marketing opportunity which will separate your company. You can add to or take away policies that you do not use. Whatever you decide, your company will be proclaiming “We are different! We care about you! We are the professionals!” • Implement It! Whatever you claim and proclaim, you have to do. Not just occasionally but every time. Your techs have to go through the hassle of wearing the mask, gloves, or whatever

Do Some Do All Do Something



Grandy & Associates-- What you need to know to run a profitable business? “ There has never been a more important time in your company’s history to know your numbers than now ”, according to Bill Kinnard of Grandy & Associates. Bill published an online Newsletter full of information to help HVACR contractors work through the maze of programs being made available by the federal government. You can link to Grandy & Associates website to view their video, “Untangling the Mess” and also link to the SBA website, EIDL program, and information on the Payroll Protection Program Application and Factsheet. Bill is also making available their publication, “What You Need to Know to Run a Profitable Business.” It is a super introduction into their “Planning for Profit” training series. We extracted two sections out of their publication to give you a taste. We suggest that you download the full version as well as subscribe to the Newsletter.

charge per hour in each department. Their rate covers the real costs of doing business while generating a reasonable profit.

• FLAT-RATE PRICING They’ve made the transition to flat -rate pricing in their service department. • CASH FLOW BUDGETS They’ve created month -by-month, department-by-department cash flow budgets. The budgets determine if one department is subsidizing another. Then they use that budget to track their progress each month to be sure they’re on target. • MAINTENANCE AGREEMENTS They have a vibrant and growing maintenance agreement program. • MARKETING They have a well-developed, continuous marketing program.

Go to next page for the second extraction

“Courage is being scared to d eath but saddling up anyway” --John Wayne


enter stage three, which is often the final stage before you go out of business.


OUT OF BUSINESS The first problem is that cash flow is tight and profitability has vanished. What’s the solution for the average contractor? That’s right — they do more work. Rather than working 8 hours a day, you start working 10 or 12 hours a day. Rather than working 5 days a week, you start working 6 or 7 days a week. The result is that cash flow increases and everything “seems” okay for another 6, 12, or 18 months. But then you find yourself right back in the same situation again. Now, you’re ready for stage two of going out of business. During stage two, cash flow again becomes tight and profit disappears. But the company is growing. Sales are up, you’ve added techs, and your reputation in town is getting stronger. But you think to yourself... “If I could hold on a little while longer, I know everything will be great.” Again, with the pressure on, the solution becomes clear. You need more money, more cash flow. Now, remember those first years you were in business? During those initial years, you were making money and smart enough to put some of it aside in a savings account. But it’s time to use that rainy day savings. So, you put your savings back into the company and again, everything seems “okay.” The pressure is off. You can pay your bills and the company continues to grow. All is well once again for another 6, 12, or 18 months. This is when you

Stage three is a bit confusing. The company seems to be doing well. Sales are up, you’re doing quality work, you have great techs, and the customers love you. The on ly problem is that you aren’t making any money! But again, your mind plays tricks on you. You think to yourself... “We have everything going for us, and we’re growing. If I could hold on a little while longer, I know that everything will be fine.” With t his in mind, the curtain opens for stage three to begin. To hold on longer means you’ll need more cash, so off you go to the bank to get that second or third mortgage on the house. You also extend your line of credit as far as you can, sell unnecessary inventory, and get rid of any old equipment you don’t absolutely need. Oh, by the way, did I mention you also used your distributors as bankers and that you’re currently on COD?! At this point, you’ve generated some extra cash. This will buy you a little mor e time, and soon you’ll be over the hump and everything will be okay. Right? Wrong! Yes, the extra cash flow did buy you some more time, but it didn’t solve the problem. Remember, you can link to the whole paper, “What You Need to Know to Run a Profitable Business.” in the Grandy & Associates website.

Don’t use hand-held phones while driving a CMV.

It’s the law. A CMV can be as small as a 3/4 T Truck and a Tandum Axle Trailer

©Copyright Employers Mutual Casualty Company 2017. All rights reserved. Image ©2012 RI6359


YORK ® equipment has earned a reputation for American-built quality, efficiency and durability. As a YORK Contractor, you earn the same reputation when you offer YORK products to your customers, and we are proud to support you with the widest selection of factory-direct YORK solutions on the market. Designed, engineered and assembled in North America, YORK products undergo performance and reliability testing that is unmatched in our industry, ensuring energy savings and lasting performance for years to come.


5601 Old Greenwood Rd Suite 1 Fort Smith, AR 72903 479-259-9960

10600 Colonel Glenn Rd Suite 600 Little Rock, AR 72204 501-478-2030

487 Agnes Tontitown, AR 72770 479-717-7820

S tate, National, Chapter News State national Chapter News

• Not the month after, because the software thinks you are late and there is a late fee due along with the annual fee. The software doesn’t have the ability to calculate the late fee or to accept late payments.

Yes, ToTo it is the 21 st century and HVACR licensing can now be done via ONLINE. The process is simple. We’ll walk you through the steps. 1. Go to the Department of Labor and Licensing at You can also click on the computer picture. 2. Scroll down the left side menu labeled “Online Services” 3. The fourth group down is HVAC/R. It looks like this. License Renewal --On Line-- Ready to Go 4. Select “HVACR Individual Renewal” if you are renewing for yourself. 5. Select “HVACR Company Sponsored License Renewals” if you are renewing a “Registrant”. Online renewal is a huge step forward in convenience; however, there are a few snags for those of us who tend to create snags. A. Online renewals must take place in the month in which your license expires. • Not the month before because the software doesn’t think you owe any money.

B. If you are late, call the Department of Labor & Licensing, HVACR Program at 501-682-9201. They will compute your license and late fees. You can then send them a check. Make sure that you do not let another month go by or the late fee will increase. At the bottom of “Labor Standards” is “HVAC - R”. Select that option. You’ll see some good introductory information and then “Forms”. You will need to fill in the form to apply for reinstatement. • The form must be notarized. • Don’t send money, you will be billed. • If your deferment is more than 5 years old, the board has to vote to allow reinstatement and you may be asked to take the appropriate test. It’s a new day in the HVACR program— one that is beneficial for our industry. If you have questions, call 501-682-9201. C. If you are in deferment, click on the “Divisions” link in the top blue menu bar.

S tate, National, Chapter News State national Chapter News

customers who have been given a quote from someone that seems a bit suspect. Anyone can claim a license but this new service provided by the HVACR Licensing Board

Are They Licensed?? All you need is a first name, last name, city, and state. That will tell you if they are licensed. Of course it could tell you that you don’t have the right first name, last name, city, or state. Anyway, it is a great improvement for you and your

can settle the issue.

On the Corona Virus "We have to reopen somehow. We can’t go in shutdown mode for 20 20 months....If we shut down like Wuhan, we destroy society as we know it. If we allow the virus to run willy nilly, we will destroy our healthcare system and the economy with it."

Bloomberg, Apr 9, 2020

S tate, National, Chapter News State national Chapter News

Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Arkansas Department of Health (ADH). All partners should consider restricted travel, practice social distancing when having meetings in any enclosed areas, limit the number of people gathering together in the field offices and on the project site and institute CDC recommended policies to help avoid the spread of COVID-19. SAFETY PROTOCOLS TO COMBAT COVID-19 ON PROJECT SITES Employee Wellness: • If an employee is sick or has any COVID-19 symptoms like fever, coughing, or shortness of breath – STAY HOME. • Stay in touch with your doctor. Call before you get medical care. Be sure to get care if you have trouble breathing, or have any other emergency warning signs, or if you think it is an emergency. • “High Risk” employees such as those with chronic diseases, respiratory disorders, immunodeficiency, or who are pregnant will be given the opportunity to discuss alternate work arrangement/duties with their supervisor or take leave according to their company policies.

The following is a Joint Health and Safety Plan between the Arkansas Department of Transportation and Associated General Contractors Arkansas. AGC Arkansas Executive Vice-President, Joey Dean, gave permission for the Association to make this available to Association members and the Arkansas HVACR industry. The Association has a MOU with AGC Arkansas which provides for shared information and educational opportunities. We appreciate Joey and value our relationship with AGC Arkansas. As you will see, the ArDOT and AGC Arkansas are very serious about employee safety. JOINT WORKFORCE HEALTH AND SAFETY PLAN CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) of Transportation (ARDOT) and the Construction Industry expect all parties involved in the delivery of our transportation projects to abide by the guidelines issued from the Centers for The Arkansas Department

S tate, National, Chapter News State national Chapter News

• Employees who appear to have acute respiratory illness symptoms (i.e. cough, shortness of breath) upon arrival to work, or become sick during the day, should be separated from other employees and be sent home immediately. • For guidance o n Potential/Suspected Exposure to COVID-19: o Arkansas Department of Health Call Center: 1-800-803-7847 o UAMS hotline: 1-800-632-4502 and report your symptoms or seek medical advice from your primary care physician. o UAMS online screening tool: w/ o Children’s Hospital Hotline: 1 -800- 743-3616 o UAMS, Baptist Health, and other medical centers have set up drive- thru screening areas around the state. These are designed to screen quickly and safely people with cough, fever, and shortness of breath, for COVID-19. Hygiene: • Clean hands often by washing with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. If soap and water are not available and hands are not visibly dirty, an alcohol- based hand sanitizer that contains 60% - 95% alcohol may be used. • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, mouth, or other parts of your face.

• Do not breathe, cough, or sneeze on another person or into the open air. Employees should cover their noses and mouth with a tissue when coughing or sneezing (or an elbow or shoulder if no tissue is available). Cleaning/Disinfecting: • Wash stations and/or hand sanitizer will be provided on project sites and use is required for all employees. • Clean frequently touched surfaces and objects with disinfectants at a minimum of once per day. o Office/buildings: (door knobs, light switches, phones, computers/keyboards, copy machines, elevator buttons, toilets, faucets, sinks, countertops, paper o Shop Yard/Jobsite: (vehicle/equipment door handles, keys, gear shifts, steering wheel/operator controls and levers, fuel pump dispensers, etc.) • Sanitize/Disinfect facilities and work areas after persons suspected/confirmed to have COVID- 19 have been in the facility or work area. o It is recommended to close off areas used by the ill persons and wait as long as practical before beginning cleaning and disinfection to towel dispensers, desktops, handrails, folders, vending machines, counters, tables, cabinets/knobs, etc.).

S tate, National, Chapter News State national Chapter News

minimize potential for exposure to respiratory droplets. Open outside doors and windows to increase air circulation in the area, if possible. Wait up to 24 hours before beginning cleaning and disinfection, if possible. o Cleaning staff should clean and disinfect all areas used by the ill persons, focusing especially on frequently touched surfaces. General Safety Measures: • Increase communication measures between all parties regarding schedule, daily activities, etc. to reduce/minimize worker exposure. Minimize on-site personnel (when possible) such as subcontractors, work crews, materials testing personnel, and inspection staff to those required for that day’s activities. • Practice “social distancing” whenever feasible. All personnel have the responsibility to remind each other to stay 6 feet or more apart. • Communal coolers or drink stations are not recommended to be used. • Limit congregation during lunch or breaks. Bringing your lunch is encouraged. • Utilize phone communication as much as possible, rather than in-person. • Use of video conferencing/conference calls will be the preferable method for conducting meetings. If an in-person meeting is required and cannot be

rescheduled or attended remotely, the meeting should be limited to a maximum of 10 people while maintaining social distancing of 6 feet or more. • Avoid shaking hands. • Avoid sharing iPads, tablets, pens, or clipboards for signing or any other purpose. If needed, take pictures as proof of attendance at meetings. • Sharing of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is strictly prohibited. • Vehicles, Equipment, and To ols o Limit the number of people riding in a vehicle together. o Wipe down and disinfect vehicles after each trip. o As much as possible, do not share tools or equipment. If a tool or piece of equipment must be shared, the parts of it that are touched should be sanitized between uses. Return to Work: • In accordance with CDC Guidance, the following criteria must be followed for an employee with a positive test result to return to work: o At least 14 days from positive test notification; and o At least 3 days (72 hours) have passed since recovery defined as resolution of fever without the use of fever-reducing medications and improvement in respiratory symptoms (e.g., cough, shortness of breath); and,

S tate, National, Chapter News State national Chapter News

o At least 7 days have passed since symptoms first appeared.

Additional Resources: • Arkansas COVID -19 Update Arkansas Department of Health • Arkansas Health Department (COVID - 19) • Arkansas Health Department (COVID - 19) Guidance for Travelers • CORONAVIRUS Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Risk Assessment and Public Health • CDC Website: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Coronavirus (COVID-19) • Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19 All Parties agree to the requirements of this plan in order to keep working on any construction project. If an individual partner does not agree to the requirements above, they should advise all other parties. Disregard of the best practices identified above could result in a disruption of the project and/or removal of personnel found endangering other parties as determined by an ARDOT representative and the Prime Contractor



New Reality Not Forever

Need to Save Money and Get Great Service? Now may be the best time to review your commercial insurance: General Liability, Workers Compensation, Vehicle, Building, etc.

Travis Hill……………... .(479) 424-4918 Cash McMillin…….…. (501) 581-1176 David Hoffmans …… .(501) 908-2395

Reconnecting to Your


Gives Focus & Strength

Association Members Receive 10% Discount

/22.,1* )25 $1 ($6< :$< 72 *52: <285 %86,1(66" 3DUWQHU ZLWK (QWHUJ\ 6ROXWLRQV







Amessage fromEntergy $UNDQVDV ,LLC.©2019EntergyServices, LLC.All Rights Reserved. The Entergy Solutions program is an energy efficiency program and not affiliated with Entergy Solutions,LLC

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PPP and EIDl Loan programs are currently unable to accept new applications. The SBA, PPP, and EIDL programs related to the COVID-19 disaster have consumed available appropriated funds. The high demand we have seen underscores the need for hardworking Americans to have access to relief as soon as possible. We want every eligible small business to participate and get the resources they need. SBA is communicating with Congress to request additional appropriations. (Economic Injury Disaster Loans (EIDL) loans) is temporarily closed. Applicants who have already submitted their applications will continue to be processed on a first-come, first-served basis. For status, please contact the disaster customer service center at 1- 800-659-2955. Go here to learn more about the program. For the PPP (Payroll Protection Plan) Loan — Continue to keep in contact with your lender. Make sure they have the documents they need to complete your PPP loan should additional funding happens. Go here to learn more about the program. If you are looking to identify a lender to work with, you can go here (under Coronavirus Resources) to see the list of lenders we have prepared for the public. Unfortunately, the SBA cannot issue new loan approvals or accept new applications given this lapse in appropriations per US law. The application portal for the EIDL – COVID-19 assistance program

SBA Update to Arkansas COVID-19 Resources

Reprint from SBA 1

The Treasury Department and SBA launched the unprecedented Paycheck Protection Program in just one week. Following its launch, the SBA processed more than 14 years’ worth of loans in less than 14 days, which will protect a vast number of American jobs. Nearly 5,000 lenders participated in this critical program, including significant lending by community banks and credit unions. Nearly 20% of the amount approved was processed by lenders with less than $1 billion in assets, and approximately 60% of the loans were approved by banks with $10 billion of assets or less. No lender accounted for more than 5% of the total dollar amount of the program. See the data.

Arkansas Lenders processed 21,754 loans totaling $2,722,726,557!

S tate, National, Chapter News State national Chapter News

Please sign up and encourage your businesses to sign up for direct updates from SBA at SBA Updates. We will send SBA updates twice daily from this distribution list. For additional information on disaster assistance, please contact the SBA disaster assistance customer service center. Call 1-800-659-2955 (TTY: 1- 800-877-8339) or e- mail 1 SBA, 1 Amp, Arkansas Money & Politics, Nov 2018, numbers/ Arkansas Lenders processed 21,754 loans totaling $2,722,726,557! Unfortunately, the SBA cannot issue new loan approvals or accept new applications given this lapse in appropriations per US law. Perspective: Everyone knew that 349 billion dollars for the entire nation would not last long. In less than two weeks, it was gone. While Arkansas banks are to be commended in processing over 21 thousand loan applications, there are 244,977 small business in Arkansas according to amp, Arkansas Money & Politics 1 That is just under 9% of the Visit for more information.

Visit SBA's small business resource page at Here you will find CDC requirements for small businesses how to access SBA resources including EIDL and much, much more. For a list of all the SBA lenders in Arkansas, partners and organizations that your small business may need such as Chamber of Commerce, SBA Lenders and State Office check out our statewide Resource Guide. Additionally, SBA’s Arkansas network of resource partners stand ready to assist small businesses across the state in filling out applications. These partners are seeing clients virtually to assist in minimizing impact exposure to COVID-19 and protect our small business communities.

Arkansas Small Business & Technology Development Center

SCORE - Counselors and Mentors for America's Small Businesses

Arkansas Women's Business Center

Startup Junkie Consulting

AR Conductor

Arkansas Procurement Technical Assistance Center - Contracting Assistance

Arkansas Economic Development Commission has also compiled a list of programs and resources, and will continue to update this list as additional resources become available at

S tate, National, Chapter News State national Chapter News

total number of Arkansas small businesses. Just a note-- not all these 244+ thousand business would qualify for PPP; however, the number of Arkansas business that are not included in the impressive 21+ thousand that have been processed is miniscule compared to the need. To understand how the Payroll Protection Plan is affecting our industry, we need numbers. Numbers that establish how many have applied, how many will apply if the money is restored, how many anticipate laying off people if they do not get help, etc. There is a survey link at the bottom. The survey is short, there is no personal follow up, and it is completely anonymous. Some of the questions are personal but we need to have answers to determine if smaller businesses are being treated fairly. Regretfully, our industry seldom completes a survey. To be totally honest, I do not know if we can use the responses to actually make any change in government policy; however, we cannot give a supported position if you do not respond. This is not a time for our industry — YOU — to ignore or put off this survey. The following column is the survey so you can look at it before you click on the link to actually take it. You may have already received an announcement in your email asking you to take the survey. It is the same survey. There is no need to take it twice. Please remember, it is totally anonymous.

PPP Payroll Protection Plan Survey 1. Have you applied for the PPP? YES NO 2. If you applied, did you apply at your bank? YES NO 3. Was your loan processed? YES NO 4. Was your loan application approved? YES NO 5. If you did not apply, would you apply now if the program was refunded? YES NO 6. Do you need assistance in applying? YES NO 6. Have you laid off employees? YES NO 7. If you do not get PPP assistance or if your business does not pick up by mid-June, do you anticipate laying off employees? YES NO 8. Please tell us your total sales for 2019. We need to analyze what size companies are receiving PPP.

The link to take the survey is rvey/a07eh1nqxqak97f0ssw/start

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you don’t take it seriously, your competitor will Third, Opportunity! This is the greatest opportunity that you have had in the life of your business to present your company as being the visible professional. Wearing a mask and practicing health and safety measures is visible. It’s like wearing a sign that says, we care about you, we are the professionals, you are safe with us. If you dismiss this opportunity because you don’t want to take it seriously, you will miss out on 1. Send an email or letter to all your customers. Explain what you are doing to protect them and your techs. 2. Place an ad in the local paper and on the radio. Again explain what you are dong to protect them and your techs. Make it human. Sign your name and use your voice. 3. Offer an article to the local paper explaining what your company and the industry is doing to protect customers. Emphasize that heating and air conditioning is an essential business — that health and safety has been, is presently, and will continue to be a foundational principle of your business. 4. Have the tech give your customer a flyer that explains what they are doing to protect their health and safety. A sample flyer follows this page. You can access it as a Word document on the Association webpage. Download the document, add your logo, insert your company where indicated, and add your contact information at the bottom. Let this be like breathing. Something that you do automatically. leapfrogging your competitors. To make this work for you —


to Normalcy The President has given the country a three step plan to transition from quarantine to a normal life. It is in the hands of the governor’s to implement and they have the option to modify based on their state’s situation. We need to understand that there is no immediate return to normal. We all wish there were but we need to protect our techs and our customers for months to come — maybe even into the fall. Even if we think it is ridiculous, even if we are sick and tired of the incessant TV and webinars that seek to tell us what to do —we can’t just wake up tomorrow and revert to life as we lived before January 2020. There are three reasons to continue using protective measures; i.e., taking temperatures, masks, booties, gloves, separation, and special procedures. First, Real! We need to protect our techs and customers. We know that not everyone that gets the Coronavirus has symptoms but may still be contagious. So an ounce of prevention can be worth a pound of cure. Even if it seems ridiculous, we need to err on the side of caution. Second, Psychological! Some, perhaps many of our customers, may remain fearful about your techs being in their home. We need to lead with caution for their psychological benefit. If they think there could be a problem, it is real to them and that is what counts. If we treat their fear casually, we disrespect them and perhaps don’t deserve their business. Remember, if

Click Here to link to a copy in Word

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Protecting Our Clients and Employees Your Guide to Williams Heating and Air Conditioning, LLC Safety Precautions Williams Heating and Air Conditioning, LLC is committed to keeping our customers and employees safe during the COVID-19 crisis. Even though most business will soon be opening, we know that the need to practice health and safety remains. We also know that heating and air conditioning is essential. We respect and honor your trust. Some of our procedures may seem unnecessary to many but we prefer to err on the side of caution. We appreciate your business and will serve you in the same manner that we would want someone to serve our family.

We will be taking the following steps to protect both you and our technicians. Our steps are as follows:

All of our employees are aware of and provided with materials needed to follow the procedures set forthby the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and recommended for the transition. All employees temperatures are taken and recorded at the beginning of each shift. When scheduling an appointment, a member of our officewill confirm that no one in the home or business is currently feeling ill or quarantined/isolated due toCOVID-19. Upon arrival, our technicians will apply hand sanitizer before entering your home or business and again confirm that no one is feeling ill or quarantined/isolated due toCOVID-19. To put you at ease, we will replace our usual hand- shake with a wave to say “Hello” and “Thank you.” While performing our work, technicians will wear disposable gloves.

We will practice social distancing with a goal to maintain the recommended six-foot distance from clients, family members, and/or employees. We will bag any dirty filters immediately after removing them from your system to reduce the spread of dirt, germs and viruses. We will remove these filters from your property. We will not ask for your signature on our service tickets until such time that it is deemed appropriate to do so again. Our technicians will once again apply hand sanitizer (outside your home or business) when their work at your home or business is complete. Our employees are following recent recommendations to wear face masks, and we have provided these for them. Don’t be alarmed if, out of an abundance of caution, a technician or other of our employees wears a face mask while at your home or business.

We are committed to the safety of ALL of our clients and employees!

Thank you for trusting your safety and comfort to Williams Heating and Air Conditioning, LLC .

Your Logo

Address, City, State, Zip : Phone : Email

An important way to distinguish your company from all the other “me too” HVAC dealers is to have the best employees that can be trusted in the homes of your clients / customers. More important than cool air or warm air is the peace of mind in knowing that one’s belongings and family are safe. A tech that has passed a background check and has a company photo ID demonstrates professionalism and trustworthiness to the client / customer. Employee background checks are also important for the dealer. The dealer can manage their liability and their insurance costs by making sure that their employees have passed a background check, a drug screening test, and a driving record search. A member of the Arkansas HVACR Association can have that peace of mind by using the endorsed service, CourtHouse Concepts. Their prices are affordable and their reputation is great. Association members that are already using CoutHouse Concepts have given them a glowing recommendation. Be sure to identify yourself as a member of the Association to get a 10% discount.

Here are some plan option:

Expanded Criminal Plan $25.00

Independent Drug Testing $40

Motor Vehicle Report $19.95

*Social Security Trace – match SS# to applicant and lists addresses *Nationwide Criminal History—500 million criminal records *Nationwide Sex Offender Search *Nationwide Courthouse Check—7 yr. County Criminal History--Court Fees are additional if applicable

Amphetamines Barbiturates Benzodiazepines - Cocaine - Ecstasy - Marijuana - Methadone - Methamphetamine - Opiates – Phencyclidine

~3 years driving record Speeding & violations DWI Accidents

Hair follicle available on request (~90 days, $120)

24 to 48 hours

2 – 3 days

1 day or less

Paul J. Hickman III 3205 Shackleford Pass Little Rock, AR 72205 Main - 501-588-3973 : Direct - 501-588-7115 Toll Free - 877-750-3660

Arkansas HVACR Association, P. O. Box 1296, Little Rock, AR 72203, 501-487-8655 : ;

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Filtering Facepiece Respirator Classes ” . It appears to be a good comparison analysis. Of course 3M is a good American company and, according to CNN, many Chinese companies are knocking off face mask products causing import difficulties for even good companies. It is anticipated that wearing a face mask may be recommended for many months to come so it behooves our industry to become informed buyers.

So What ’ s the Difference in Masks? People are wearing all kinds of “craz y ” looking masks these days. Some have patterns and some can even be ordered with your company logo; so, it might be good to know the effectiveness of them. The following was downloaded from the 3M Technical Bulletin, “ Comparison of FFP2, KN95, and N95 and Other

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Kirk’s Corner Get your rebates faster!

During these ever-changing times and as we transition into the cooling season, now is a great time to submit your rebates quickly and efficiently to help keep your customers satisfied. Additionally, if you are changing out an AC unit for a customer, we encourage you to recommend changing out the furnace at the same time for optimal performance. Need some help getting started submitting rebates? Before you submit your online application, we will need the following information from your invoice:

Kirk Pierce, Senior Energy Efficiency Consultant

Bonus Tip To make the process run smoothly, make sure to include your company’s name and Dealer ID. “We at CenterPoint Energy contin ue to process rebates and are working hard to get your customers their rebates as quickly as possible,” said Kirk Pierce, Senior Energy Efficiency Consultant. To save time and get your rebates more quickly, submit them online with our easy-to-use application at

Customer Name Installation Address Equipment Brand

Model Number Serial Number

The Arkansas HVACR NewsMagazine welcomes Kirk Pierce, Senior Energy Efficiency Consultant, at CenterPoint Energy as a regular contributor. Kirk ’ s Corner will be an important addition to the publication. Our goal is to provide a communication means to the Arkansas Industry. We encourage other utilities, distributors, manufacturers, dealers, technicians, educators, and government folks to submit information that is pertinent and positive. Together we can help Arkansans by sharing our experiences and perspectives. This completes our third year for the NewsMagazine. We appreciate your embracing the NewsMagazine and sharing it with your friends. We look forward to many more years together.

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NTI Business & Industry 550 Bain St, Springdale, Arkansas 72764 Ronni Hammond : 479-751-8824 SAU Tech 6415 Spellman Rd, East Camden, AR 71701 Eddie Horton : 870-574-4500 Southeast Arkansas College 1900 Hazel Street, Pine Bluff, AR 71603 John Pyland : 870-543-5900 UACC Hope 2500 South Main, Hope 71802 Leo Rateliff : 870-722-8507 UACC Morrilton 1537 University Blvd., Morrilton, AR 72110 Carroll Chism : 3000 West Scenic Drive, NLR 72206 Robert Dixon : 501-812-2200 EEDD 1224 Fayetteville Road, Van Buren Rick Rosenthal : 479-926-7462 If you are a college or technical institute and want to be included in the list of HVACR education providers, contact the NewsMagazine 501-487-8655 We’ll make sure you are in the next issue. Also, if we need to correct your information, please let us know. (501) 977-2022 UA Pulaski Tech Add Your Name

Training Programs

Arkansas North Eastern College 4213 Main Street, Blytheville 72315 Rick Sones : 870-763-6222 Arkansas Tech University, Ozark

1700 Helberg Lane, Ozark, AR 72949 Kenneth Beeler : 479-508-3333 ASU Mountain Home 4034 Hwy 63 W, Mountain Home 72653 Janel Cotter : 870-508-6133 ASU Newport 33500 US 63, Marked Tree 72365 Mark Constant : 870-358-2117 ASU Searcy 1800 East Moore Avenue, Searcy Thomas Hillman : 501-207-6221 East Arkansas Community College 1700 Newcastle Road, Forrest City, AR 72335 Robert Jackson : 870-633-5411 National Park College 101 College Drive, Hot Springs, 71913 Pam Castleberry : 501-760-4393 North Arkansas Community College 1515 Pioneer Drive, Harrison, AR 72601 Jeff Smith : 870-391-3382 Northwest Arkansas Community College One College Drive, Bentonville, AR 71712 Michael Dewberry : 870-391-3382

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