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ACCA Offers Complimentary HVAC Education Programs - Pledge to America’s Workers…………………. pg 26

Moving On Down

The Road

HVACR Program Moves to Labor and Licensing page 10

Selling Comfort is Easy…

…selling equipment is much harder

Bob Gee to teach 6 classes See Page 3 for details

Fort Smith : Jonesboro : Little Rock : Rogers : Camden : Texarkana

HVAC Troubleshooting Residential Electrical Systems

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Chapter Meeting Schedule

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Editorial & Opinion Old News Still Important Plumbing Board Re-instated in Texas Moving On Down The Road HVAC Program Moves to Labor & Licensing

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Business Taking Your Company to the Next Level by Bob Gee

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Five Reasons Your Business Needs a Hill & Valley Account by Bill Kinnard

State, national, chapter news National Do Not Call Registry ACCA Offers Complimentary HVAC Education Programs-

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Pledge to America’s Workers

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Why You Owe It to Yourself and the Industry : EMC Insurance

Education News HVAC Excellence Offers Exams to Validate High School Student Learning

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ASU Mountain Home Offers FREE 4 Week Classes

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Training Programs

Rebate Programs & Incentives

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Tech News

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Filter Fundamentals, Tom Turner

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The “5 Pillars” of Residential A/C Refrigerant Circuit Diagnosis by Bryan Orr

Recipes, eateRies, Huntin’, FisHin’ & Fun

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Baking at Nana’s : Adley & Strawberry

Selling Comfort is Easy…

…selling equipment is much harder ATTN: Owners, managers, sales managers, salespeople and service technicians with responsibilities for selling equipment. Close more sales, make more money and create Lifetime Customers

In this workshop participants will learn how to,,, • Understand the customer’s decision-making process. • Match their selling process to the customer’s buying process. • Use a proven sales model that is easy to follow and produces high level results. • Build tools that will establish trust and credibility with the customer. • Develop and use a tool to determine the customer’s needs and wants. • Build value to match the customer’s investment. • Use the three magic words of selling… “you told me” to prevent objections and close the sale. • Close the sale by helping the customer buy what is in their best interest. The average closing rate for Salespeople selling residential HVAC equipment is in the range of 35% to 45 %. Yet, some salespeople exceed 70%. Why the difference? The more successful salespeople sell comfort…not equipment. They don’t just quote prices. They solve problems and fill customer’s needs. They understand that price is only one part of the customer’s decision-making process. They listen more than they talk. They understand the importance of establishing trust & credibility.

October 15 – Jonesboro Craighead Electric Cooperative 4314 Stadium Drive October 17 – Texarkana Southwest Arkansas Electric Cooperative 2904 East 9 th Street October 22 -- Little Rock UAPTC / Business & Industry Center 3303 East Roosevelt 5030 South S Street November 14 – Rogers Golden Corral 2605 W Pleasant Crossing Drive February 6 -- Camden Ouachita Electric Cooperative 700 Bradley Ferry Road November 5 -- Fort Smith Arkansas Oklahoma Gas

Bob Gee & AR HVACR Association Sales Workshop Class schedule : 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuition : $195.00* *$155 for Association Members Register at or call 501-487-8655 Bob Gee has over 20 years of experience as a Sales and Management consultant to the HVAC industry. He has facilitated over 500 Sales Workshops in 47 states and Canada and is the creator of Certified Comfort Consultant™

chapter meetings

Central Chapter 4 th Tuesday 6:00 Meal : 6:30 Program Location: Whole Hog 2516 Cantrell Road Little Rock, AR 72202

October 22 November 26 February 25 March 24 April 28

September 10 October 1 November 5 December 3 January 7 February 4 March 3

Fort Smith Chaper 1 st Tuesday

5:30 Meal : 6:00 Program Location : Golden Corral 1801 S. Waldron Road Fort Smith

April 7 May 5

Hot Springs Chapter 1 st Thursday 6:00 Meal : 6:30 Program Location: Smokin’ in Style BBQ 2278 Albert Pike Hot Springs North Central Chapter 4 th Thursday 6:00 Meal : 6:30 Program Location : Western Sizzlin’ 905 Hwy 62 – 65 North Harrison

October 8 November 12 February 11 March 10 April 14

September 26 October 24 February 27 March 26 April 23

chapter meetings

North East Chapter 3 rd Tuesday

October 15 November 19 February 18 March 17 April 21

6:00 Meal : 6:30 Program Location : Western Sizzlin’ 2405 East Highland Jonesboro 870/ 336 - 4417

North West Chapter 2 nd Thursday

October 10 November 14 February 13 March 12 April 9

6:00 Meal : 6:30 Program Location: Golden Corral 2605 Pleasant Crossing Drive Rogers 479/986-9201 South Central/ Camden 1 st Thursday 6:00 Meal : 6:30 Program Location: Ouachita Partners for Economic Development 625 Adams Avenue Camden 870/ 836 - 9354

October 3 November 7 February 6 March 5 April 2

South West / Texarkana 3 rd Thursday

October 17 November 21 February 20 March 19 April 16 Call for meeting Location

6:00 Meal : 6:30 Program Location: Rotates between restaurants. Call for a meeting location. 501/487-8655

/22.,1* )25 $1 ($6< :$< 72 *52: <285 %86,1(66" 3DUWQHU ZLWK (QWHUJ\ 6ROXWLRQV







Amessage fromEntergy $UNDQVDV ,LLC.©2019EntergyServices, LLC.All Rights Reserved. The Entergy Solutions program is an energy efficiency program and not affiliated with Entergy Solutions,LLC

smart legislators would eliminate something as important to consumer health and safety as plumbing. Well, you draw you own conclusion as to the condition of the Texas plumbing industry or their legislature; but, that is exactly what happened. With jaws dropped, the industry went to work and Governor Abbot found a loop hole that gave him power to re-institute the State Board of Plumbing Examiners to at least May 2021. This demonstrates the power of an industry to change the winds of political direction. This averted a disaster. Now, Texas plumbers need to continue their efforts to assure that the program gets extended permanently. Like I said, the HVACR Licensing Program could experience the same thing as the Texas Flush. On the other hand, if Arkansans work together, we can keep our HVACR Licensing Law and perhaps even expand it. There are over 11,000 people in the HVACR industry in Arkansas serving over 3,000,000 people--their families and businesses. We are a potent force when we work together. When our Sunset review occurs, we must be proactive and not wait like plumbers did in Texas. They had to

Old News

Still Very Important Governor Abbot of Texas Re-institutes Plumbing Program Hallelujah!

Governor Abbot of Texas used a provision of his emergency powers relative to Hurricane Harvey to re- instate the Plumbing Program in Texas until May 31, 2021. Now, don’t take this too flippantly. Texans screwed up. Last spring they went through a process of program evaluation very much like the Arkansas HVACR Licensing Program will do in a few years. (Few could mean months or up to six years.) To my knowledge, the exact date has not yet be set. Gossip has it that when the Texas Plumbing program went through their review, they were not prepared at the administrative or industry level. After all, what person would have thought that

move retroactively to re-instate the Board. We need to make sure that the legislature understands and appreciates that the HVACR industry is not only about comfort and refrigeration but also about health and safety. How? You must contact your representatives and senators and let them know what the industry, your company, and

your employees are about. Reasonable legislators will listen and protect Arkansans by keeping our law in effect. Reasonable Legislators you ask? Yes, the majority are good folks doing their best to serve the citizens of their districts. They are reasonable. They just need to be informed.

(That did not last long but once was too many.) It just points out the lack of understanding of our mission.

Moving On


Transition &

Down The


We’ve spent years of being only marginally supported in the collection of accounts. Now, we know our Department, Labor and Licensing, but not under whose roof. The Association has asked that the licensing program be under the roof and supervision of the Contractor’s Licensing Board but I am not at all sure if that will happen. To quote one well-placed person, “It just makes too much sense.” Now let me tell you why I have hope. Darrell Bassett, Director of Labor and Licensing, and Steve Guntharp, Chief of Staff, are good folks. Darrell Bassett served on the Red Tape Reduction Committee and gave thoughtful, balanced, articulate comments. Greg Guntharp has been available more than anyone can reasonable expect considering his work load. In my meeting with Mr. Guntharp, I came away with the feeling that he was thoughtful, balanced, and articulate as well. That doesn’t mean that I don’t have concerns. We are down a senior inspector, an office person, a field inspector, and are holding on by the loyalty of our inspectors and the generosity of the Health Department and commitment of Bob Higginbottom our Division Director since the program

HVACR Program Moves to Department of Labor and Licensing Before we start, let’s reminisce down the lyrics of “Moving on Down the Road” by Gary Moore.

I'm movin' on down the road. I'm carryin' this heavy load…

I'm travellin' just as fast as I can. I've got a suitcase in my hand…

Don't know where I'm going, Don't know where I've been. So many places that a man can never see. I'm movin', movin' on down the road… By using these lyrics, it might seem that I view our move as “carryin’ this heavy load…don’t know where I’m going, Don’t know where I’ve been…” Well that might be right except I have great hopes for our Licensing Program. Our load has been one of being underfunded and one Health Department barrier after another. (Though I should say it’s not totally the Health Department’s fault that we are underfunded.) To continue, we’re down several inspectors from 10 years ago. Our inspectors suffered the time wasting indignity of being forced into breast feeding classes rather than focusing on their primary job of serving Arkansans by actually inspecting.

began. He will be staying with the Health Department and the Plumbing Program. So, my position is, when the answer to the HVACR program’s delima is so easy to solve, why hasn’t it been solved? Politics, perhaps—and a gosh awful work load. Look, Governor Hutchinson, Director Bassett, and CoS Steve Guntharp. We’re not political. We only get political because we try to make our program do a better job of serving Arkansans with crazy ideas like continuing education. We got political back in 1989 and 1991 to get our program established. We have funded ourselves without a dime of taxpayer money. We’ve paid the Health Department $1,000,000 for who knows what over the past 12 years and now it is questionable if we have assets. Our cars are being viewed as communal property by other agencies and who knows if we own a table or chair or computer or piece of software. At this point, maybe we should have said that “ the devil we know is better than the devil we don’t know” and tried to stay in the Health Department. NO! NO! I have to believe that Mr. Bassett and Mr. Guntharp will have our best interest at heart. They are snowed now and I understand that; but, our problem is so easy to solve. Tell the guys at the Contractor’s Licensing Board to clear those three or four rooms they have available, begin merging the process of taking on the supervisory role of the

HVACR program and “Get ‘Er Done. Hire a director or director/senior inspector. Hire an inspector. Hire office staff. “Get ‘Er Done.” We’re 11,000+ men and women in the HVACR industry, their families and our 3,000,000+ customers. We keep homes and offices comfortable, refrigerated and frozen food safe to eat, hospitals and surgical wards operating. We’re key to the success of every home, business, and industry in the state. We’re as ubiquitous as electricity and more than natural gas. What was once considered a luxury is now an absolute necessity. We would do more if you would allow us the opportunity to prove that the same group that got the law passed can also manage its affairs. We just need you to give us that opportunity. I am positive about the future; but, I am impatient. Please forgive me but this industry and its mission is my soul, my mission, my passion, and my aspiration. Let us help you be successful in your mission of transformation and transition. We are at your call. 501-487-8655

Well, let me tell you a story…


Taking Your Company to the Next Level…

“A major deterrent to success in a small business is that the owner spends too much time working in the business…and too little time working on the business.” Michael E. Gerber Author of The E-Myth Revisited.

Bob Gee, Sales and Management Consultant to the HVACR Industry

So just what does “taking your company to the next level” mean? It could mean to position the company for transition to an employee, a family member or perhaps an outside buyer. It could be to position the company to provide security and a better living for all of the members of the team or to provide the owner with more personal time. It will vary with the company and/or the owner. Simply stated it means improving the company’s ability to grow, to position it for the future. Taking your company to the next level requires hard work. Analyzing where you are and why you do things the way you do them and why you are doing them at all. It means change. It means doing some things differently. Leadership guru Warren Bennis, author of the best-selling book “On Becoming a Leader” says it this way. “If you keep on doing what you’ve always done you will keep on getting what you’ve always got”…and that may be less than what you want, need or deserve. If you are going to take your company to the next level, whatever that means for you, there are three key factors in

developing a successful HVAC company. Revenue : Profit : People You have to develop a sustainable revenue stream driven by sales of equipment and service. You have to create a pricing structure that provides a profit commensurate with the needs of the company. You have to build a team of committed employees. Companies succeed and grow when they maximize… • Profitability • Productivity • Employee Recruitment and Retention • Customer Satisfaction Profitability. Here is powerful exercise to help you understand this concept. It’s called 5-2-1-1. What if you could increase sales revenue by 5% while increasing gross margins by 2%? And what if you could reduce cost of sales by 1% while reducing overhead by 1%? A challenge: Gather a group of your key personnel and complete this exercise using information from your most recent Annual Profit & Loss Statement. A guarantee…your excitement will start with step one when you calculate your new Net Profit after Let’s take them one at a time.


increasing Revenue by 5%. It will grow as you complete step two…increasing gross margin by 2%. At that point reducing COS and Overhead might not seem all that important, but complete the exercise anyway to get the full picture. As you move through part one (increase sales by 5%) and part two (increase gross margins by 2%), ask the question, “How much of this increase will end up on the bottom line…called Net Profit?” If you merely raise prices or sell higher dollar volume systems you may find that very little will be lost along the way. If the 5% increase involves installing more equipment, you may have some increase in COS or Overhead depending on the structure of your company. In most cases, 80-90% will go to the bottom line. You will find this exercise to be an eye opener to the possibilities. commitment of the team that the owner leads. It is imperative that the team is aware of the purpose and vision of the company. Job descriptions are not effective. Outcome descriptions are. The purpose of an HVAC company is simply to “find customers and keep them for life”. Team members need to know what their role is in making this happen. A technician’s job is not to turn wrenches and measure pressures…it is to create lifetime customers. It is the owner’s job to provide the leadership to make his vision of the company come alive to the people on the front lines. Members of the team need to know and “buy into” the Leader’s vision Productivity. A key to maximizing productivity is the focus and

of the company in 5 years and beyond. Then the Leader needs to hold the team members accountable for doing their part in taking the company to that destination by setting goals and objectives and measuring performance. Sales vs Sales Projections. Closing rates vs Sales opportunities. Gross margins vs the plan. Call-back rates vs the acceptable level. Etc. Performance against objective is a clear measure of Productivity. and Retention. In his groundbreaking book “Good to Great”, management consultant Jim Collins says this… “Let’s consider your Business as a Bus. Your BUSiness. The degree of success you achieve in your BUSiness will depend on “getting the right people on your Bus, in the right seats, and getting the wrong people off your Bus…before you decide where you want your Bus to go”. Your success depends on People…the Right People. Employee Recruitment

From “The E Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber


To achieve this objective the owner/leader has to create a company people “love to work for”. To become a magnet that attracts the best people in the marketplace…the Eagles, and provide the work environment…the Nest, to develop a Team that Soars. They have to understand what motivates people to perform to the maximin of their abilities…to stretch. Money is only one motivator and seldom the only motivator. Among the top five are “Appreciation for a job well-done”… “Feeling in on things”…“The opportunity to grow as an individual”. residential HVAC customer as between $45,000 and $60,000 depending on the geographic market. This is based on a 40-year span. You can calculate it for your market area. What if a customer purchased all of their comfort needs from your company over a 40- year period…condensing units, furnaces, accessory equipment, service, extended warranties, service agreements, etc? What would that look like? If $45,000 and you have 1,000 customers it means $45,000,000 of future business, if you can just hold on to those customers. Customer Satisfaction. Industry sources peg the Lifetime Value of a

service and converting Customers to Advocates for your company.

Recommended reading to help you Take Your Company to the Next Level. “The E-Myth Revisited” by Michael Gerber. Check it out on Amazon for a full spectrum of Gerber’s E-Myth series. This is a must read for people who own/manage HVAC companies. Bob Gee is a Sales and Management consultant to the HVAC industry. He has facilitated over 100 two-day Working Group sessions on Taking Your Company to the Next Level. • Help is hard to find • 140° in the attic • Margins are low • Getting’ beat by low ballers • Only 24 hours in the day Been Sweatin’

Sign Up for Selling Comfort is Easy… …selling equipment is much harder $155 for Association Members $195 for non-members

Sign Up for

Lifetime Value of a


$45,000 to $60,000

Want to grow your business? Create lifetime customers by providing WOW

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budget can and will absorb every dollar that you make available to it. YOU HAVE A SIGNIFICANT SIZED BUDGET! If you let the money in your checking account, it will disappear. There is always just one more tool that

Five Reasons Your Business Needs a Hill & Valley Account

Bill Kinnard, Gandy Associates

Business can be hard enough on a day-to-day basis without wondering how you’re going to cover the bills, the next payroll, monthly withholding payments and every other

would make your job easier. Keep your eye on the ball. Don’t get distracted. This is a cash flow budget item. Transfer the dollars to a different account. There is not profit at the end of the month until after this payment has been made. On

person, vendor or team member who wants to take every nickel out of your bank account. A Hill & Valley account can make your like a lot easier during those slower times of year. Here’s how it works. Part of the monthly budget – yes you need a monthly budget – should be a payment into the hill & valley account. Treat this payment with the same urgency as the rent, your utility bill or a payment to your suppliers. Some have called this a rainy day fund. Dave Ramsey says his grandmother used to tell him he needed a rainy day fund. When he replied “well that’s not a very positive attitude”, his grandmother told him “I’m positive, it will rain some day!” The H&V account should be in a separate account. Don’t let the money sit in your checking account. The law of money says that every significant

The NewsMagazine welcomes Bill Kinnard, President & CEO for Grandy Associates. Grandy Associates and Bill focus on training HVACR owners and their key employees financial, customer, & business services. You can contact Bill at 877-202-8891 or

months where you are slow and there is no cash coming in, you can pull the money out of the H&V account to maintain your cash flow and stay current. When the profit returns, do everything you can to replenish your H&V account. Here are five benefits to establishing the H&V account. 1. There Will Be Slow Months – Just as Dave Ramsey’s grandmother said “I’m positive, it will rain some day!”, I am just as positive you will have slow months. You have those times of year when the cash in just doesn’t equal the cash out. During these months, you can draw funds out of your H&V account to make up the difference.


Again, be diligent about replenishing the H&V account on your first profitable month. 2. Evens Out Cash Flow – if you have funds available to make up the shortfall on negative cash flow months, you even out your cash flow. You know how frustrating it is when you get behind one month and then spend the next three months digging out of the hole. It’s a different mindset repaying yourself then owing your suppliers or vendors and dealing with past due calls from them. 3. Puts Your Team At Ease – whether you realize it or not, your demeanor changes when you are under the stress of dealing with the day-to-day cash flow struggles. Your team sees this and their performance changes along with your change in demeanor. When you’re tense, they walk around on egg shells. They will be tentative about taking ownership of their role for fear of having to deal with the ramifications of a wrong decision on their part. As a result, productivity suffers. 4. Gives You More Confidence In Running Your Business – Life changes when you are not worrying about every penny and where it is coming from and where it needs to go once it gets here. You will make wiser decisions when it comes to moving your company forward along its path of growth and increased productivity.

When you are stressed by cash flow struggles, you tend to have to micromanage every aspect of the day- to-day business. When you micromanage, you become the lid – the limiting factory of your company. It cannot grow beyond you. You have to be comfortable with the leaders you have trained and let them run. 5. Let’s You Sleep At Night – you have enough to deal with in running your business. When the day is over, you need to go home and enjoy your family. You can’t live to work but instead, you need to work to live. There are far more important things in your life than working. I don’t know of anyone who was on their deathbed and said “I wish I had spent more time at the office.” Life is short. Being able to go home at the end of the day and enjoy your family, getting a great night of sleep so you can function at a high level has tremendous benefits. Be intentional about getting to this point. At the end of the day, monies that you deposit into your hill and valley account will be allocated as profit when it comes to your profit and loss and you will pay taxes on those profit dollars but this is not about accounting. This is about being able to run your business on a day-to-day, month-to month basis. You will have those slow cash flow months. Plan ahead to be able to walk through them with ease.

Don’t use hand-held phones while driving a CMV.

It’s the law. A CMV can be as small as a 3/4 T Truck and a Tandum Axle Trailer

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YORK ® equipment has earned a reputation for American-built quality, efficiency and durability. As a YORK Contractor, you earn the same reputation when you offer YORK products to your customers, and we are proud to support you with the widest selection of factory-direct YORK solutions on the market. Designed, engineered and assembled in North America, YORK products undergo performance and reliability testing that is unmatched in our industry, ensuring energy savings and lasting performance for years to come.


5601 Old Greenwood Rd Suite 1 Fort Smith, AR 72903 479-259-9960

10600 Colonel Glenn Rd Suite 600 Little Rock, AR 72204 501-478-2030

487 Agnes Tontitown, AR 72770 479-717-7820

S tate, National, Chapter News State national Chapter News

for that number and you probably have discovered that these telemarketers have lots of numbers. Most guys have a cell phone to stay in touch. You know the story. You’re in an attic, sweat running off your brow and down your, well, we’ll be nice. You get the call, take a look at the location. It is reasonably close so you answer. “Hi! This is an important call. Do not hang up.” Or “Your Google listing is out of date…..” This registry might work for you. It is certainly worth a shot. To access it, click on the link. By the way, this tip was furnished by the Florida ACCPA. We appreciate the friendship of other state organizations. Thank you Lisa Tamargo.

National Do Not Call Registry

The National Do Not Call Registry provides a way to help prevent telemarketers

from calling you. It's free to register any phone number -- and registrations with the Registry never expire. Click here to register or to check if you have previously signed up -- as well as to report unwanted robocalls to the Federal Trade Commission. It is especially frustrating when you get repetitive calls from what appears to be a local or regional number. While you can “block the number”, it only works


REFRIGERANT PHASEOUT R- 22 ( a hydrochlorofluorocarbon; HCFC) is still being phased out under the Montreal Protocol Treaty, but efforts are already underway to phase out hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) refrigerants, like R 410 A. R- 22 was phased out because it is an ozone depleting substance. R 410 A is going to be phased out because it has a high global warming potential (GWP).

NATIONAL EFFORTS The HVACR Industry, including the national contractor association – the Air Conditioning Contractors of America – are seeking a national phaseout schedule instead of a state- by-state approach. These efforts are being addressed with Members of Congress; who must give the EPA clear authority to address the phase-down schedules. Currently, the EPA does not believe it has the authority to regulate refrigerants that have high global warming potentials because Section 608 of the Clean Air Act is for ozone depleting substances. This could lead to the open-sale of refrigerants to consumers.

STATE EFFORTS Without a federal mandate, many states will implement their own phase-down schedules; creating a patchwork of refrigerant regulations and different types of refrigerants available in each state. California has already adopted a phaseout schedule, and New York, Washington, Maryland, Illinois, and a number of other states are following suit, but they have different schedules.

CONTRACTOR CONCERNS The replacements to HFCs will likely include a mix of flammable and mildly flammable refrigerants (designated as A 3 / A 2 / and A 2 L by ASHRAE Standard 34 ), and ACCA is working to address a number of concerns, including: Will contractors/technicians be required to have HAZMAT certifications to transport these products and will they be required to stop at rail crossings? How will we guarantee that contractors and technicians are trained on the safe use and handling of flammable refrigerants? How will consumers be certain that their system was properly charged and not compromised with mixed refrigerants?

ACCA EFFORTS ACCA has begun the development of a flammable refrigerant educational program to address the training concerns. There are still too many unanswered questions about the use of the next generation of refrigerants; how they are to be safely applied in the field, what sensors/controls may be required, maximum quantities of refrigerant that may be used in a conditioned space, etc. A hasty state-by-state approach to phasing out HFC refrigerants is dangerous for contractors, technicians, consumers, and every building that contains an air conditioning system. By giving the EPA the authority to implement the HFC phaseout, there is more certainty that there will be uniformity in the phase-out schedules, training, transportation issues, the codes process, and the other areas of concern to the HVACR industry.

S tate, National, Chapter News State national Chapter News

ACCA President and CEO. “We are committed to delivering valuable educational content to our members and ACCA’s Qtech platform is the industry’s leading online program.” Additionally, ACCA’s new workforce development tools include, a best practice guide to launch a school-to- career educational program with high school students, career fair materials, student marketing materials, and career path guides for contractors to engage students and prospective employees. ACCA has also released a suite of online education programs based on the ACCA Quality Installation principles that provide office and sales professionals, technicians, and installers with valuable learning experiences. “ACCA is proud to work with President Trump and his team to solve the workforce challenges ACCA members are facing,” said James. “President Trump understands the industry, and his messaging about the importance of skilled workers and the trades is having a national impact that is helping to promote the rewarding careers available in our industry. For more information on ACCA’s workforce development resources and to download the pledge certificate, visit ACCA Workforce Development . For additional information or questions, contact ACCA Manager of Communications, Deb Weiner at or 703-824- 8862.

ACCA Offers Complimentary HVAC Education Programs - Pledge to America’s Workers Arlington, VA, August 15, 2019 - The Air Conditioning Contractors of America has announced new workforce development resources to help ACCA members recruit, educate, and retain industry professionals and fill the employment gap impacting heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration (HVACR) contractors. ACCA’s updated resources coincide with the one-year anniversary of the Pledge to America’s Workers. On July 25, 2019, President Trump invited ACCA to participate in the Pledge to America’s Worker event at the White House, along with Vice President Pence, Ivanka Trump, and members of the President’s Cabinet. On behalf of ACCA members, ACCA pledged to hire and/or educate 75,000 industry professionals. “To help ACCA members educate and retain employees, any ACCA member who takes the Pledge to America’s Workers, and submits their Pledge certificate, available on the ACCA website, will be eligible for complimentary Quality Installation education programs through ACCA’s Qtech program,” said Barton James,

S tate, National, Chapter News State national Chapter News

ACCA’s pledge is backed up by you , the HVACR contractor. Their pledge to train 75,000 HVACR workers in the next 5 years will only happen if individual contractors sign on with their pledge. You may only need one or two or 50 over the next 5 years; but, it is only when we set a goal and determine to achieve that goal that is it accomplished. We can no longer wake up each day hoping that our competitor’s best tech will knock on our door wanting a job. We know what that has gotten us over the last 50 years. We’re in a mess but we can get out of that mess. How?

1. We focus on recruitment. We go to the high schools and colleges and tell them that we are hiring. 2. We provide supplements or outright pay for their education. It’s nothing compared to the value a journeyman is worth to the company. 3. We structure our pricing so that we can provide a good CAREER. We talk career but frequently pay like it’s a part time job for someone we pick up at the local Home Depot. By the way, pay you what your are worth. Price for your family’s future as well.

S tate, National, Chapter News State national Chapter News

already satisfied with your present company? Don’t change. The Association would never ask you to do anything that is against your best interest; however, if their quote is less and you get a 10% discount, “WHY WOULD YOU NOT CHANGE?” Your changing to EMC helps the entire industry because of the financial help EMC gives the Association. How is that true? Let me be very presumptuous and say that the Arkansas HVACR Association offers benefits to its members that are unavailable elsewhere at an affordable price. 1. The Association works tirelessly on legislative and regulation issues. 2. The Association has saved the industry thousands of dollars that most will never know about. It is usually behind the scenes. Just one example. Those that attended the Manual J classes this fall were part of a $22,250 cumulative savings. 3. The Association offers training and informative sessions in each of the eight chapters during their five meetings. Three especially important examples are a. “So Called” Drop In Refrigerants b. Mechanical Ventilation c. DOT licensing surprise requirements Not to say that the others were unimportant but these really stand out. Again, these were made possible in part by EMC Insurance. So, I am not embarrassed to ask you to give EMC a shot at your business. What have you got to loose?

Why you owe it to yourself and the industry

OK! It is obvious that the Arkansas HVACR Association promotes EMC insurance. Truth is, there is something in it for us. EMC pays the Association an advertising/marketing fee that is important to the finances of the Association. BUT THAT ISN’T THE ONLY REASON! First, EMC came recommended by several HVACR companies in the Ft. Smith chapter. Why? Here are three reasons: 1. EMC is very competitive 2. EMC offers Association members a 10% discount in addition to their competitive rates 3. EMC has a record of quick and fair claims service. Second, the fee paid by EMC to the Association allows us to keep our membership dues low, only $200 per year. Most other Associations begin at $400 and go to over a thousand. Third, we sincerely believe that every HVACR contractor in Arkansas owes it to themselves to get a quote prior to their next renewal. Notice, I did not say buy from EMC. They still have to compete for your business with pricing and service. It costs noting to get a quote and the benefits can be substantial. What if they come in higher and you are

An important way to distinguish your company from all the other “me too” HVAC dealers is to have the best employees that can be trusted in the homes of your clients / customers. More important than cool air or warm air is the peace of mind in knowing that one’s belongings and family are safe. A tech that has passed a background check and has a company photo ID demonstrates professionalism and trustworthiness to the client / customer. Employee background checks are also important for the dealer. The dealer can manage their liability and their insurance costs by making sure that their employees have passed a background check, a drug screening test, and a driving record search. A member of the Arkansas HVACR Association can have that peace of mind by using the endorsed service, CourtHouse Concepts. Their prices are affordable and their reputation is great. Association members that are already using CoutHouse Concepts have given them a glowing recommendation. Be sure to identify yourself as a member of the Association to get a 10% discount.

Here are some plan option:

Expanded Criminal Plan $25.00

Independent Drug Testing $40

Motor Vehicle Report $19.95

*Social Security Trace – match SS# to applicant and lists addresses *Nationwide Criminal History—500 million criminal records *Nationwide Sex Offender Search *Nationwide Courthouse Check—7 yr. County Criminal History--Court Fees are additional if applicable

Amphetamines Barbiturates Benzodiazepines - Cocaine - Ecstasy - Marijuana - Methadone - Methamphetamine - Opiates – Phencyclidine

~3 years driving record Speeding & violations DWI Accidents

Hair follicle available on request (~90 days, $120)

24 to 48 hours

2 – 3 days

1 day or less

Paul J. Hickman III 3205 Shackleford Pass Little Rock, AR 72205 Main - 501-588-3973 : Direct - 501-588-7115 Toll Free - 877-750-3660

Arkansas HVACR Association, P. O. Box 1296, Little Rock, AR 72203, 501-487-8655 : ;

S tate, National, Chapter News Educ tion News

• Electrical meter usage • Air conditioning and refrigeration theory • Air conditioning systems and components • Air conditioning equipment service • Refrigerant flow control theory and application • Heating systems and components • Combustion theory and heating fuels • Heating safety • Furnace installation and service • Furnace troubleshooting • Safety

Offers Exams to Validate High School Student Learning Secondary (High School) instructors need to validate if a student has the retained knowledge to move on to the next level, or if they need additional training. HVAC Excellence offers the tools needed to accomplish this through H.E.A.T.; Heating, Electrical,& Air Conditioning Technology; and H.E.A.T. + student outcome assessments. These exams are specifically designed for secondary students. The Heating, Electrical, Air Conditioning Technology (H.E.A.T.) exam, is a 100- question, end of program high school student outcome assessment. It provides instructors with the information need to evaluate the effectiveness of their training. Two version are available. One for regions of the country that primarily use gas heat and the other for those that use oil. Both tests include electrical and heat pump questions. The H.E.A.T. Exam Covers • Electrical theory • Electrical safety • Electrical components • Fundamentals of motors and capacitors • Electrical troubleshooting • Interpreting electrical diagrams

H.E.A.T. + adds • Computer literacy • Safety • Related math • Employability skills • Work ethics • Hands-on performance test

Students who successfully pass these exams are awarded a certificate of achievement. Additional Exams are also available. Each is a 50 question exam. • Air Conditioning

• Electrical • Gas Heat • Oil Heat • Math • Tools & Materials Exam

These tests and certification provide a great foundation for a successful career in the HVACR industry. For more information, Contact the ESCO group at 800-726-9696 or go on line to

S tate, National, Chapter News Education News

NTI Business & Industry 550 Bain St, Springdale, Arkansas 72764 Ronni Hammond : 479-751-8824 SAU Tech 6415 Spellman Rd, East Camden, AR 71701 Eddie Horton : 870-574-4500 Southeast Arkansas College 1900 Hazel Street, Pine Bluff, AR 71603 John Pyland : 870-543-5900 UACC Hope 2500 South Main, Hope 71802 Leo Rateliff : 3000 West Scenic Drive, NLR 72206 Robert Dixon : 501-786-0510 EEDD 1224 Fayetteville Road, Van Buren Rick Rosenthal : 479-926-7462 If you are a college or technical institute and want to be included in the list of HVACR education providers, contact the NewsMagazine 501-487-8655 Add Your Name 870-722-8507 UACC Morrilton 1537 University Blvd., Morrilton, AR 72110 Mike Williams : (501) 977-2053 UA Pulaski Tech We’ll make sure you are in the next issue. Also, if we need to correct your information, please let us know.

Training Programs

Arkansas North Eastern College 4213 Main Street, Blytheville 72315 Rick Sones : 870-763-6222 Arkansas Tech University, Ozark

1700 Helberg Lane, Ozark, AR 72949 Kenneth Beeler : 479-508-3333 ASU Mountain Home 4034 Hwy 63 W, Mountain Home 72653 Janel Cotter : 870-508-6133 ASU Newport 33500 US 63, Marked Tree 72365 Mark Constant : 870-358-2117 ASU Searcy 1800 East Moore Avenue, Searcy Recruiting at Present : Leonard Mesa 501-207-6250 East Arkansas Community College 1700 Newcastle Road, Forrest City, AR 72335 Robert Jackson : 870-633-4480 National Park College 101 College Drive, Hot Springs, 71913 Kelli Albrecht : 501-760-4349 501-760-4222 North Arkansas Community College 1515 Pioneer Drive, Harrison, AR 72601 Jeff Smith : 870-391-3382 Northwest Arkansas Community College One College Drive, Bentonville, AR 71712 Michael Dewberry : 870-391-3382

Who Says You Can’t Pick Your Family? Join the Enertech family and get access to high- quality residential and commercial geothermal and water-source heat pumps.

• 30%-50% savings on operational heating and cooling cost • Dedicated customer and technical support • Commercial selection software, REVIT files, & design support • Training opportunities for continued development • Products designed by contractor advisory groups

Watch a tour of our facility to see how Enertech builds heat pumps that last:

Rebate Programs & Incentives

Rebate Programs & Incentives

Contact Kirk Pierce @ 501-377-4646 Email :

Check out a Short Video About our Services!

Paychex would love to earn your business, and to show you we are offering a 25% discount for all members of the Arkansas HVACR Association.

Get started today!

Payroll Contact: Alyssa Loyd


401(k) Contact: Mike Swafford 501.566.4729

S tate, National, Chapter News Tech News


Fundamentals Tom Turner, Air Evangelist

Challenge- Proper filter application remains one of the biggest mysteries in the HVAC industry for good reason. There are so many filter choices with so little information; it is difficult to match filter performance with system requirements. Consumers yield to flashy marketing not understanding the mechanics of the selection process, the contracting community unknowingly gives up early sacrificing performance, and the overall industry suffers the consequences. Restrictive, undersized filter selection generally ranks high on the list causing underperforming HVAC systems. There have been effective electronic air cleaners around for many years but for our conversation within this article we will focus on media or fabric material filtering. Each furnace or air handler has some sort of filter housing and filter correct? So what’s the problem? Manufacturers must provide some type stop gap filtering to protect the equipment on initial start-up where air flow instructions or requirements are forgotten or ignored. The integral filtering has little to do with real life HVAC performance. Manufacturers must depend on installing contractors

“ is difficult to match filter performance with system requirements.”

to navigate road blocks the structure brings to the table. Each job must be analyzed and viable solutions employed to insure the equipment is protected and the system flows sufficient air. If we read the manufacturer’s instructions thoroughly, it becomes apparent that one inch filters on anything but the smallest air handler or furnace are inadequate. Why? When we look at the dimensions provided for air to find its way to the blower wheel through the appliance chassis, we find the required cfm arrives at velocities that exceed filter manufacturers specifications. A 2 ton (nominal) furnace or air handler with a chassis opening of 16” by 20” must flow approximately 720 to 800 cfm to fill the duct system with performing air. When we calculate the required velocity, we

S tate, National, Chapter News Tech News

find a value of 320 to 360 fpm. For a 3.5 ton, the numbers run at just under 500 fpm and 5 ton, just under 700 fpm. These numbers exceed practical flows by a factor of two to three times, taxing filter effectiveness and pressures (static) within the duct system. The result is ineffective filtering with excessive noise, energy use and the potential for short equipment life. History- First of all, widespread use of residential air conditioning is not that old. The 1970’s brought central HVAC to production builders. This leaves the industry a little less than 50 years old. Those first air handlers and furnaces used wire loops, baskets and cages to hold filter media in place. These type products made filter changes a difficult task for home owners. The results were filters did not get changed regularly and evaporators were cleaned periodically. Older evaporators were more accessible at that time and fin per inch count (density) was such that a light shined through the evaporator revealed whether or not the evaporator was dirty or clean. In some instances chemicals were sprayed onto the surface of the evaporator. These chemicals would loosen the dirt on the aluminum fins and a foaming action would push debris out of the spaces between the fins. The first attempt to provide a practical solution came when a company realized filter access shortcomings and devised a

filter frame to fit beneath an up-flow furnace or air handler. This frame, when installed with new or existing equipment allowed a homeowner to change the filter in 10 seconds and leave the furnace or air handler access undisturbed. The product was very popular and gained market share quickly. As energy efficiency gained greater importance, manufacturers found adding more mass (copper and aluminum) to evaporators gave betters performance numbers. So gradually the evaporators became denser, air flow more restrictive and filtering more important. Today’s evaporators have more fins per inch and the fins are pleated or waved for more surface area. This fact emphasizes the importance of providing protection for the evaporator with proper filtering because new evaporators can no longer be cleaned in place. Solutions- The lack of available product information has been an issue for years. Filter manufacturers are reluctant to publish data on filter performance due to complexity of the issue and the confusion the data can provide. Just as there are many formulas to obtain a particular conclusion to a mathematical equation, there are ways to test filter designs and justify their use. Two filters may look identical from a consumer’s standpoint however the particulate size the filter stops and the

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